AC Product Cost Planning AC Release 04/11/ 0 AC Product Cost Planning AC Product Cost Planning SAP AG R/3 System. AC Cost Object Controlling for Make-to- Stock Environments AC R/3 Costing AC 5 days Cost Management & Controlling AC 3 days AC 3 days Product Cost Cost Object Controlling Planning for Products. View the schedule and sign up for Product Cost Planning in SAP S/4HANA from.

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Business ExampleManagement decides to include the pump that you already costed using Reference and Simulation Costing in the production program. This takes you to the master record. Enter the time for the order acceptance that will be completed by cost center External Services. Go back to the cost estimate and choose i Information on Cost Estimate.

In the pop-up dialog box, select plannihg B P and expand to level 1.

AC – Product Cost Planning – Instructor Handbook – [PDF Document]

In addition, you are also responsible for reviewing the configuration of the cost component split. The quantity structure date lpanning the automatic cost estimate must be within the validity range of the manual cost estimate. Since costing is now completed, save your results. Improved quality standards require longer production times and higher costs for purchased parts.

Szkolenie SAP AC – Product Cost Planning

Product cost estimates are used for inventory valuation. Costing type 10 allows update of the Tax-based price.

The lot size can be overwritten in individual processing. Make the following settings: Unit ObjectivesAfter completing this unit, you will be able to: H Allocation cost element: The costing items are copied to the clipboard. Base unit of measure: Management wants an overview of the changes to the product structure caused by replacing one of the assemblies.


You can now see the Execute symbol in the Execute column for the Release step. Navigate in the explanation facilities for the base planning object to access the cost estimate for the service package. For technical reasons, engineering is considering whether to use a steel flywheel instead of a normal one. Revaluation can be performed for the entire structure and substructures.

Costing of materials during the fiscal year in order to analyze cost developments. Material is a component of the pump assembly P Click the I Information icon and navigate to the valuation variant for the cost estimate. You can use the white board to illustrate the calculation of the overhead against the base. Travel costs Total price: Operation items allocate costs of other rows using simple formulas.

How is this controlled? Select the line item for the base planning object P and choose Functions and then Explode base planning object. Totals items are used by the system to calculate totals for rows.

The pump will be produced in plant in a lot size of The period of validity of the cost estimate The date on which the quantity structure is determined quantity structure date The date on which the quantity structure is valued valuation date For material costing without quantity structure: Describe the goals of product cost planning. You need to enter the quantity in the unit cost estimate list screen.

Enter a lot size of pieces and select Enter. To include these in the base object cost estimate, you need to add an additional internal activity to the cost estimate.

Explain that this identifies the price field from the material master screen that was used for valuation. The pre-selection of materials should display two materials with the status SE Selected without Errors. Select the costing variant by double-clicking on it. A routing can contain multiple materials that are involved in the same production process. Similarly, one complete cost component structure must be used for cross-company code cost estimates.


Create Costing Variant Exercise Enter the missing quantity in the list screen of the unit cost estimate. Choose Back to return to the initial screen and save. P 01 2 14 5 7 8 2 01 3 New 01 4 Cost Estimate 01 5 Cost estimate: Enter the following costing data: If you do not save it, the copy is only created temporarily.

Double-click on the Parameter column in the Costing step. Production version with routing 4.

Product Cost Planning

Plan price as average of all fiscal year periods Priority 2: Position the cursor on the original flywheel material Flywheel GG in the costing structure. Unit costing, multi-level unit costing, costing with quantity structure, costing run Information system Error Management Special functions Material Valuation Easy Cost PlanningCourse Structure and Flow On the first day, focus on the items found within a cost estimate, include the concept of itemization and cost element derivation, and introduce the costing variant.

To check the BOM that was costed in the cost estimate, you can do the following: Engineering informs you that there are additional machine requirements involved in the production of the new pump.