Documents, presets, manuals A/DA MicroTube – Audiofanzine. ADA Microtube manual version 1 · Add another file. Download ADA MICROTUBE SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Search service manuals database ADA-Microtubeschematics_: Full Text Matches – Check >>. Found in: file name (4). ADA-Microtubeschematics_.

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Manuwl angled speaker was a plus, as was the stereo option from my power amp. Jan 7, Messages: I got the Microfet in the mail. I was going to sell it, but frankly, it would be perfect for driving studio monitors or acting as a backup in case the MT fails.

James Cullen likes this. Behringer, et aland hopefully without spending too much. Over the course of a year and a half the “sound in my head” has changed. I used to run them both together and it was huge sounding.

Other Media Files : A/DA MicroTube 100

Feb 12, Messages: You are here at the invitation and discretion of the owners. It’s functional, not pretentious.


Who is online Users browsing miccrotube forum: But I’m not a good enough player to really invest 10 fortune in what will realistically be my “second” rig, even if it’s unique.

Mar 12, Messages: I hear the MT pairs well with the MP-1, and whether or not it’s “real” tube it’s notthe “warm it up” technology gave it a big edge in my book. I thought I’d post a pic, but the lighting in my office is all screwy.

These include, but are not limited to, removing content and even access to the forum.

I hadn’t taken that into account when I drew out my “dream rack” on paper”. Beware, the sound is very good but it is not a VHT or Mesa comes close enough though 2. Code on the flange that starts with 05EC dates from March of ’95 if I’m not mistaken? The split 2×12 was probably THE reason I got these.


Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. These free programs can be found on this page: Tooned and 6 guests. I often find myself liking the misuse of high-tech ’80s shredder gear in the service of post-punk music “Disintegration”, shoegaze, etc.


Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. This left me with limited options.

They’re the “standard” version, not the “vintage” model. Sep 10, Messages: I finally got it working with some pliers and bending trickier than I thought.

Jul 30, Messages: I’m delighted to have upgraded my cab situation! Please steer my garage-rockin’ gorilla brain into the high-tech world beyond loud combos and fuzz pedals. Now experiment just a little with some of the amp block parameters tube hardness, Triode Plate Freq, Hi Cut and Low Cut this will really help tune the model.

Still waiting on 010 to arrive, but as I understand it, this is a surmountable problem. But, are there any other significant issues with these things I should know about before I commence to rocking?