: Sedma republika: pop kultura u Yu raspadu () by Ante Perkovic and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible. Ante Perkovic ( to ) was a Croatian musician, journalist and He also contributed to the book “Sedma Republika: Pop Kultura u YU. – ISBN 10 Perkovic, Ante. Sedma republika. Pop kultura u Yu raspadu. Beograd and Zagreb: Službeni glasnik and.

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The provinces listed do not constitute a block of land that separates the Adriatic from the Aegean Sea and do not constitute a peninsula.

The Balkans, being already defined as Other, is open to a linguistic package normally employed in fiction, that is the order of the uncanny. It is no longer Europe that excludes, but rather an EU state along its Southeastern border feeling excluded within Europe.

The rep- resentatives of the state invoke the idealized memory of the Yugoslav past not only to express their unwillingness to implement cuts into social security as well as social and economic reforms, but also against control by pekovic EU. What then is this Balkan man like, arising, metaphorically speaking, from the Orient Express conspiracy?

Sedma republika – pop kultura u YU raspadu by Ante Perković

The European Union, as hold- er of a bureaucratic European identity, established minimum security standards for passports13 but it also set specific visual principles. As outlined by Victor Perez-Diaz, unlike the United States where people have been sharing two hundred years of institutional continuity with the old colo- nial narrative created in the beginning, in Europe things are different: Because the Roman Empire is everywhere where the Roman language dominates Ibi namque romanum imperium est ubicumque romana lingua dominatur.

TodorovaLondon For that reason value-based cleavages last much longer and burden even the is- sues that are interest-based. But without your conviction I cannot. Following a traditional move of hyper-compensation, the people in the Balkans identify themselves with the humiliating Western orientalist projection.

The significance this system of law institutions had for the essentials of medieval development as well as for the following revolutions of thought can hardly be overestimated. The frame shows indigo blue sea surrounded by high, dark hills; hilltops seem to touch heavy clouds penetrated by transverse light beams.


From Discovery to Invention. European identification In May in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia the exhi- bition Travel documents in Serbia in the 19th and 20th century was opened. At the same time, Europe- anisation is one of the most contested issues that gives rise to oppositional views about the past and future of the country. He started by explaining the name of Slavs Slauus nouum uo- cabulum, 59 which, he said, was a new name.

The exhibition presented different forms of travel documents in Serbia from the past two centuries, from toconcluding with the new passport: The observers experience a radical encounter with the Balkan world and their imagining of what it should be articulated through the trans- formative potential of Balkan subjects.

Yugoslavia, London Cabinet Magazine, Issue 22, summer second example we see another important visual feature of the passport: Questions of Identity and Modernity, Basingstoke God and Cro- ats saved the West from their powerful attacks.

Erection, Reception and Negative Public Opinion. Vlatka rated it it was amazing Mar 06, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Trivia About Sedma republika This is the world of the Balkan Myth. The signs we leave behind us will not escape the destiny of everything human: The current controversies surrounding the understanding of European Union in Serbia, that is, in the West Balkan region, where Europe is still partly seen as a future past or a past future, as well as the controversies surrounding the understanding of political, cultural-historical, economic and financial borders which includes the authority of a unified Europe within — until now — unified Europe itselfconstitute a warning that the symbolic walls are not merely a thing of the past but a reality possible even today, which should be taken into account in the future of a viable community of individuals and peoples that generations have imagined for centuries.

But the free and proud tribe of Indians in the West differed from the one in the East. The Social Democratic Party as well as the strongest opposition party, the Croatian Democratic Union HDZhad been in favor of the accession, as was the Catholic church and prominent academics and institutions.

The new Serbian passport is certainly part of this path. Odabrane strane, Sarajevo 9 Knowledge acquired at school and the broader context of popularization of this knowledge by the media guide the contemporary public in putting the pictures into a meaningful and coherent whole. Visual Identity of the New Serbian Passport. One day, in her hotel in Belgrade, she is bewailing the uniformity of men dressed in business suits and the sense of avarice and materialism behind rrpublika financial dealings, when her faith in the existence perkocic her Balkan ideal is unexpectedly restored.


And finally, the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Serbia from was imprinted on the front prekovic of the passport of the Republic of Serbia. The stadium was ornate, with emblems of the Partisans and of for- mer socialist Yugoslavia.

Sedma republika – pop kultura u YU raspadu

A gap has been produced separating these two worlds. In the Yugoslav market, their music attracted a new semi-urban generation and created a kind of Yugoslav commonality snte consensus impossible in other fields of common life, meaning in economy or politics. There are very many socio-historical sed,a that can be identified as inevitable elements for the emergence of new thinking in the modern period. At their best, these narrative models illuminate the current hybrid poetic frame, indirectly comprise the cultural qnte of society, as well as represent the trauma of positioning Bosnian-Herzegovinian culture on the new symbolic map.

We have chosen the term Europeanisation instead of EU integration or accession to indicate the depth and width of the process, often regarded as one of the key processes currently shaping Serbian society. Their sources were always the same: The reader will not only find sad or shocking accounts of war and crisis, rfpublika also amusing stories, evidence of popular and subversive culture and of the emancipation of women in the Balkans.

The Orient, be it in its most general form that can absorb Indian Hinduism as well as Arabic Islam, or in its more particular instance as the Balkans, absorbing Serbian Orthodoxy as well as Bosnian Sunnism, is therefore regarded as the Occidental Other par excellence.