Sakhalin Island has ratings and 42 reviews. Luís said: It is while reading the volume 1 of 1Q84 of Haruki Murakami that I wanted to read this book, i. Sakhalin Island (Oneworld Classics) [Anton Chekhov] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In , the year-old Chekhov, already. Back in , Anton Chekhov set out on a journey to the “prison island” of Sakhalin, to investigate the penal conditions in the Russian Far East.

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His subjects were silly social situations, marital problems, farcical encounters between husbands, wives, mistresses, and lovers, whims of young women, of whom Chekhov saakhalin not much knowledge — the author was was shy with women even after his marriage.

More than anything, with the data limitation he faced, Chekhov also showed that he was a sharp social analyst attuned to the local conditions. At the time of Chekhov’s visit, there were approximately 10, convicts and exiles che,hov on the island, along smaller numbers of indigenous Gilyak and Ainu. Published April 1st by Oneworld Classics first published Without any kind of permission or letters of introduction, he charms chdkhov way into barracks and prison cells, interviews governors and overseers, watches lashings, conducts a census the inhabitants.

A cohabitant regards a prostitute who earns a piece of bread as a beneficial domestic animal and respects her; that is, he himself prepares the samovar and is silent when she argues with him. This book contains the complete text of “Sakhalin Island” [ pages], Chekhov’s treatise describing his visit in to the Russian penal colonies on Sakhalin Island, and “Across Siberia” [30 pages], a description islnad his journey across Siberia to Sakhalin.

A 19th century data scientist Not only was Chekhov a medical doctor and a great writer, islanf, as this book shows, he was sakhalih what we would now call a very good data scientist and social researcher.

Not what I expected. Het eiland Sachalin was een Russische strafkolonie, waar bannelingen op leefden. Ghiniaks and Ainis, peaceful peoples, better adapted to the climatic conditions, cehkhov eat almost exclusively whales and who never washed themselves! If the new settler has money and administrative patronage, he remains in Alexandrovsk or settles in the settlement that is most desirable to him, and he either buys or builds a sakhlain unless he acquired one while in penal servitude.


It shows that wow The author’s refusal to join the ranks of social critics arose the wrath of liberal and radical intellitentsia and he was criticized for dealing with serious social and moral questions, but avoiding giving answers. This book by Anton Chekhov is essentially a report he writes for the government describing life on the exile Island of Sakhalin off the east coast of Russia, just above japan.

In comparison with what had transpired five years ago, the present situation was almost the beginning of a golden age. This book is one of those roads not taken, if one may describe a travel book in such a counter intuitive way, but his short ficti Isladn book in that Chekhov’s style and concerns don’t seem to marry up with the rest of his writing.

Sakhalin Island – Alma Books

Bamforth is a Scottish physician-writer who practices in France. Petersburg daily Novoe vremya. Trivia About Sakhalin Island. Some of the descriptions can be A 19th century data scientist Not only was Chekhov a medical doctor and a great writer, but, as this book shows, he was also what we would now call a very good data scientist and social researcher.

REVIEWS As a work of literature, Sakhalin Island is a masterpiece of restrained, dignified, unsentimental prose … a work of complete seriousness, full of clear, humane, practical suggestions for reform. What Chekhov achieved in Sakhalin Island was perceived as a work of social science, not literature, back when it was written. The main narrative starts strong but loses steam quickly when he begins tak Normally I enjoy reading Chekhov but this book was a mixed experience. sakhain

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. View all 12 comments. Jun 30, Srdjan rated it liked it. He outlined his program in a letter to his brother Aleksandr: O inspector continua a contar.

The Japanese enslave the Ainu. If that drives you crazy then don’t read this book. He also analyses the objectives and results of exile as a punishment, describes escape routes and common diseases. Chekhov indicates the number of households and population of each settlement, and its breakdown by penal status of residents. I found this section about as thrilling as reading Leviticus as the inventory is endless.

Chekhov’s journey to Sakhalin Island was a really interesting book showing how different life was in those days. Haphazardly scientific, recounting population numbers of villagers and wildlife, the history of the disappearing Gilyak and a disengaged description of the choreography and sensual world of sleeping with a Japanese prostitute.


The description of life in the penal colony on Sakhalin is harrowing and a reminder that while the technology of cruelty has changed, Guantanamo and other sites of torture and despair remain an important subject for artistic and moral action. There are a couple of stories of people doing nice things for one another like a priest who used to live on the island and went through great sacrifices to visit and help people.

There is nothing to do, they have nothing, they are tired of talking and arguing; it is boring to go out on the street because everything is equally cheerless and dirty. But this book, Sakhalin Island is the loudest answer to this accusation.

Sakhalin Island

His works appeared in St. Zo’n zware en lange reis maken naar zo’n onherbergzaam eiland, om voor mensen op te komen die iedereen veracht, voor mij is dit een heldendaad.

There chekyov three categories of residents: I give it 4 stars because I learned something and it’s an important book. Anton Chekhov Anton Chekhov — is one of the giants of modern literature, exerting a strong influence on many present-day novelists and dramatists. Absence of lengthy verbiage of political-social-economic nature; 2. Non-fictionislamdRussian Literaturetravelogue.

An account of life in a Siberian penal colony. Every great writer has some sort of cliche with which public stigmatize her or him. Sakhalin Ilsand by Anton Chekhov.

Gelukkig heeft Tjechov’s boek ervoor gezorgt dat men de straf tot zweepslagen afschafte en er zijn tehuizen en scholen gebouwd. Oct 09, Jill Blevins rated it liked it. He was told to exchange his Russian money for dollars, and became grossly insulted. Unless you are very interested in statistics, Russian deportation and imprisonment statistics to be clear, I’d stay away from this. Bland enumeration of facts from the colonial Russia system that uses deportation as a tool to colonize the most austere Eastern part of it.

The prisoners are abused by the overseers, but as soon as they escape they run around murdering native people on the island.