Consult Metso Automation’s entire Apron feeders catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/8. Metso Minerals Apron Feeder – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. DiseƱo de Apron Feeders. World-Class Apron Feeders. Metso’s World-Class apron feeder is not a new design. and reliability. 4 Metso Minerals feeders are used.

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The apron feeder illustrated in Fig. It is preferable to drive each feeder with its own motor, which should be connected with the head sprocket through some device for varying the speed. All contact information Send a message. The chains are driven by sprockets that are mounted to a head shaft.

They are of two types: Basics in Minerals Processing Handbook as pdf file. The result is a rugged and reliable tractor-type feeder that remains the preferred design throughout the world. Our team of experts is there for you Distributor contacts. Find out more I agree. Types of Small Ore Feeders. Application overview Primary application: Due to this type of construction it is able to withstand high impact from large ore.

Metso in your language.

Metso offers a robust design with an intense commitment to quality and attention to detail. The tractor-type apron feeder remains the preferred design throughout the world. By giving d and s their maximum and minimum values the range of the feed rate can be obtained. The maximum linear speed of the plates is seldom required to exceed 20 ft.

The main point to consider in selecting a feeder is that it must provide an even flow of material to the primary crusher. With over years of combined experience in the application, engineering and manufacturing of heavy-duty apron feeders, Metso is truly the worldwide leader in the supply of this equipment.


The feeder is usually installed under an opening in the bottom of the bin and takes the weight of the column of ore resting on it. The formula holds good for a pan feeder or conveyor if d is assumed to be the average depth of the layer of ore.

Apron Feeders

The pans travel with the chain and articulate over the head sprockets to discharge material. Instead of joining separate links with a separate pin it is common practice to use one long bolt to connect consecutive links on one feede with the corresponding set on the other ; this helps to stiffen the feeder as a whole.

Of the many designs in existence by far the most widely used are the apron and teeder feeders, although the Ross Chain Feeder is coming into favour for handling coarse ore.

If too much ore is being delivered when the gate is in its lowest allowable position, the quantity can be reduced to the required amount by adjustment of the speed regulator. There are only 2 grease lube points at the head shaft bearing. These will have to be maintained. An apron feeder is in fact a conveyor that is constructed from metal.

The apron feeder consists of a series of overlapping pans or plates which form a continuous chain like a conveyor belt. Sometimes the inner links of each line of chains are made of angle steel, to which the plates can be bolted, or else lengths of angle are riveted to both sides of the plates and bolted to the corresponding inner links.


Earlier I made a statement that feeders are stationary while the rock moves. Apron feeders Apron feeders jetso used to extract or feed large, lumpy, abrasive and heavy ores under severe impact conditions – including wet, sticky or frozen operations. I Need Consulting Engineering Help. There is a saying that there is an exception for every rule and this could be classed as that exception.

Metso builds apron feeders that are the global standard in quality, durability, and reliability. Write us for appointment to talk over this Crusher and Feeder Combination with you. Aggregate production plants have components such teeder feeders and scalping units to direct material to be crushed, separated, or stored for later use.

Apron feeders or grizzlies are generally used to feed quarry rock into a feeeder crusher.

Apron feeders – Metso

The face of the conveyor is made from heavy armour plating, and works like the track on a crawler type tractor. To cushion the blow of material dumped on the feeder, a large hopper may be used to receive the dumped loads.

Thus the chains take the strain of the drive and the plates have only to carry the weight of the ore.