You can save UML diagrams as images so that you can use them in other media such as documents, presentations, or HTML pages. You can save diagrams in. ArgoUML User Manual: A tutorial and reference description Finding Out More About the ArgoUML Project. Save Project As. Model with UML. Click-to-export diagrams as image files – JPG, PNG, SVG and EMF. Quick and straight forward!.

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Turn off the “Show Splash Panel” check button. It is not a complete overview but it does reflect the interests and problems that the users have expressed on the mailing lists.

Saving UML diagrams as images

Grab the vertical divider bars and move them back and forth. Newer versions of ArgoUML will read projects written by older versions, but not vice versa. You can easily extract the. I have a project where I need to add tags to attributes.

The above method has the advantage that progress and debugging information is visible in the DOS window. There should be 0 nodes and 0 edges in the description column. Be sure to turn off any proprietary extensions such as Poseidon’s diagram data. This should make portability of different models in to ArgoUML considerably easier. AA that are published together with the file on tigris. What ArgoUML is trying to tell you is that usually, package names are written in lower cases.


Make sure to backup your project first. Downloading the Binary Executable. Now moving your mouse will align elements. Please notice that the File menu contains the usual options for creating a new project, for opening an existing project, for saving a project under a new name, for printing the currently displayed diagram, for saving the currently displayed diagram as a file, and for program Exit.

The only folder by default is the UML 1.

OS – Which OS, which version, and which patches Java-version – Including whether you are running a development version or runtime version Hardware – Processor and processor speed, Memory, Hard Drive space, and free hard drive space It is also helpful if you can upload the zargo project file for the project that is having problems.

Double click in the top section of each class and enter a name for the class then hit the enter key. This is a standard Java FileChooser. Double-clicking on one of the displayed folders navigates you into that folder, allowing you to quickly navigate down into the folders hierarchy on your hard disk.

Astah Users Community Site – Forum

Versions of ArgoUML prior to 0. Upgrade to ArgoUML 0. Indeed, the dialog is currently set up in order to show only ArgoUML project files with an extension of. How does the note tool in the tool bar work?

To acquire such a certificate you need to have a registered company that owns the certificate and you need argoukl pay some money to get it After this time, the save format is UML 1.


How you do this is explained on the How to Report Bugs and register enhancements page. Class B should be selected again. Click on the “Close” button again and create a third class.

Import and Export

It is a collection of tips and tricks from the ArgoUML users’ mailing lists click here to see the available lists. Print with configurable options Print software design from xs highly configurable print previewer. The easiest way to get started is to click on the Java Web Start link on our home page.

Let us take a look at what the critics are telling us. Grab this class and move it into the package.

As is conventional, menu argoujl and toolbar options that are not available disabled are grayed out and menu items that invoke a dialog box are followed by an ellipsis Download the code from Download section of the project website argouml.

In various of these tabs select an item and click on the “Go To Selection” button observing the change in the selection shown in the diagram and in the Explorer Pane.