For a week I have a Citizen ATE (Eco-Drive / Radio controlled), bought on Ebay in. Manual or with automatic (2 am) update gives the same problem. Citizen ATE Watches Watches download pdf instruction manual and user guide. For a week I have a Citizen ATE (Eco-Drive / Radio controlled), Manual or with automatic (2 am) update gives the same problem.

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Kilovoltminuteman62 and mcnabbanov like this. Failing that try the windowsill method. Yup good advice here, leave it near a west-facing window all night.

Perpetual Chrono A-T

Hi Bart and welcome to the forum. February 14th, Therefore although the watch receives the signal from Frankfurt it shows only the British time and not CET.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The update process can take up to 15 minutes to complete, depending on signal strength.


I live in the Netherlands, nearby London. If so and the wrong city is selected the watch will tell you fibs. By Tom in forum Seiko. For in-depth instructions on the radio reception feature, please refer to your owners guide. October 5th, 6.

August 2nd, 4. There is only one problem. Press and hold the lower right button A for approximately 2 seconds and release. You live a long way from Fort Collins, CO, so it may not sync every night.

October 5th, 8. Place the watch on a stable surface where it will not be disturbed during the update process.

Even in So Cal mine doesn’t sync every night. The multifunction hand 2: October 5th, 1.

Citizen ATE Watches download instruction manual pdf

Be sure the mode hand 6: August 2nd, 2. Just leave it overnight and check in the morning. The correct zero positions are: Manua, 19th, January 15th, April 6th, This is helpful when changing time zones before the automatic update or if an automatic update was not successful.


Rotate the crown to move the minute, hour and hour hands until they point straight up I hope I have been sufficiently clear otherwise please ask for more. October 5th, 7. This completes setting the alternate time zone. Your new watch is not designed for use in Europe because as you have already noticed the only city available is Mabual. Rotate the crown clockwise or counterclockwise to set the correct day of week.

Radio updating can take up to 15 minutes to complete.