November 25, – At RSNA , Siemens Healthcare will introduce three new components to the AXIOM Luminos dRF, a fully-digital 2-in-1 solution with. In order to improve image quality, special graduated filters as well as compression and compensation devices are used to compensate for differences in density. the Luminos dRF Max and Luminos Agile Max fluoroscopy systems, as well as the Ysio Max radiography system. MAX assistance. It’s more than just ease of use .

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Wall stand An optional Bucky wall stand increases the versatility of the system. Konica Minolta Healthcare is bringing digital radiography DR to life with the ability to visualize movement using Wall stand exposures, free bedside projections, and standing feet or lateral decubitus imaging can be performed with ease in combination with the ceiling-suspended tube.

Fujifilm Medical Systems U. The new Luminos dRF expands on this to provide easier examinations, more intuitive controls and improvements in comfort as well as safety for patients and staff.

Alternatively, a mobile control console1 is available for the exam room. In combination, these enhancements increase the range of examinations the system can support. As healthcare providers are forced to do more with less, they have to run their radiology more efficiently. To make luminoss diagnoses, you need excellent visualization of all anatomical structures.

Technology Artificial Intelligence November 09, Ceiling-mounted tube The ceiling-mounted tube1 adds even more projection flexibility to the fluoroscopy suite. Luminos dRF Max delivers clear images at the lowest possible dose.

Safer use — to protect patients and technologists The safety of patients and staff is especially at risk during patient transfers to and from the system. Greater versatility with a wide range of applications Advanced clinical options such as digital subtraction angiography DSAlyminos, long leg and long spine imaging make the system even more versatile in utilization.

Luminos dRF Max

Technology Artificial Intelligence December 05, In combination, these features bring time savings, flexibility and support for an increased range of clinical exams covering a broader range of patient needs. Improve comfort to patients and staff Luminos dRF is known for its height-adjustable table and ease of use.


Two pre-set patient transfer positions — supine and upright — support rapid movement of the system into a patient-friendly position with just a push of a button. Technology Flat Panel Displays November 28, One touch and the system moves to where you need it. DiamondView Plus DiamondView Plus displays brilliant radiographic images with enhanced detail contrast, increased sharpness, and reduced noise thanks to organ-specific multi-scale processing.

SmartView1 allows you to display live images from endoscopy, ultrasound or review workstations on an integrated second monitor — right next to your radiography or fluoroscopy images.

Luminos dRF Max – Fluoroscopy Machine – Siemens Healthineers Global

SmartMove saves you time and effort Using the Siemens unique SmartMove1, the new Luminos dRF moves directly from one position to the next with speed, accuracy, and consistency. With the integration of deep learning technology, ContextVision takes digital radiography to new levels with its latest The wireless detector provides the pinnacle lumnos imaging excellence by bringing the speed and efficiency of a flat detector to the same coverage area as a 35 cm by 43 cm lkminos inches by 17 inches cassette so users can freely perform exposures anywhere in the room.

With our 2-in-1 Luminos dRF Max, you decide how much fluoroscopy and radiography you really need — thus maximizing system and room utilization. LG Electronics is luminso its U. Key functionalities are performed in the background, enabling the user to proceed with the next patient without interruption.

Luminos dRF Max Fluoroscopy Machine – Siemens Healthineers Global

Height-adjustable table for easy patient transfer and a comfortable working height Easy patient access from the back of the table Fully motorized tower movements – easy and precise Wide patient coverage with 8-way table top movements OPTI Grip handle with SmartTouch prevents unintentional system movements Safe imaging, even of children – assisted by radiation-free positioning and dedicated parameters for low dose High level of cyber security with role-specific user rights support and easy workflow.

Digital Radiography Technology Report: Virtually limitless projection flexibility The new Ysio system extensions bring even more versatility in the field of radiography. Stryker’s Advanced Guidance Technologies business formerly known as Stryker’s Navigation business has entered into The 2-in-1 solution for radiography and fluoroscopy Siemens championed the 2-in-1 system — increasing system utilization, cost effectiveness and efficiency.


For example, based on the unique needs of the individual patient, users can select the optimal configuration for an exam such as free exposure with wireless detector instead of the wall stand or table exposure. This facilitates a time and cost savings by avoiding the need to merge the images on a PACS station. One touch to get the image you need.

The system adds flexibility in the display of other modalities to give you the images you need where you need them.

Sharper imaging — for fast, confident diagnoses To make reliable diagnoses, you need excellent visualization of all anatomical structures. Increase utilization and return on investment Luminos dRF enables higher utilization throughout the day by pairing high quality fluoroscopy with digital radiography. The Ysio option offers digital imaging with wi-D1, projection flexibility with the ceiling-suspended tube, and a wall stand for performing upright examinations with ease.

GE Healthcare recently announced new applications and smart devices built on Edison — a platform that helps accelerate Patients can also easily be transferred from a stretcher.

Only on human luminod, will the system move. The safety of patients and staff is especially at risk during patient transfers to and from the system. Its intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface follows the clinical workflow, allowing case completion in just four steps.

Fully digital imaging Images are available within seconds and appear in the same patient folder, regardless whether they are acquired as a dynamic sequence or in high-resolution mode. Moreover, the table is equipped with a grid for scattered radiation, which can be easily removed with the push of axkom two buttons.