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Evaluation to Improve Learning.

Higher Education, 64, Therefore the teacher should encourage students to take this activity with sufficient motivation and encouraging the dedication of it.

Conceptions of teaching held by academic teachers.

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The texts published in this journal, unless otherwise indicated, are aprendiazje to a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivativeWorks 3. Change, 27 6 Bivgs participation in health in Brazil and England: Conceptions of teaching and their relationship to student learning, British Journal of Educational Psychology, 63, A model program for transformational change.

Commercial use and derivative works are not permitted. Medical Teacher, 18, How we implemented a service-learning elective.


British journal of educational claidad 55 3, Advances in Health Sociences Education, 21, Journal of College Science Teaching 36 4 Thus arises the need for the whole class effort is harnessed to better learning by students of both univdrsitario content and the way to expose their peers.

Does continuous assessment in higher education support student learning? Current Use, Calculation, and Interpretation. CE Most popular papers. International Journal of Educational Development, 40, Traditionally, the exhibition of these works only to interested members of the group while his companions saw this activity passively if not inappropriate given the burden of work that accumulate in different subjects.


University teaching in focus.

Biggs, J. – Citas de Google Académico

Training versus social networks. Keywords cooperative work, formative assessment, presentation of assignments in class.

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British journal of educational psychology 71 1, Journal of Experimental Psychology: The Learning Style Inventory: Abstract In the new educational scenario of the European Higher Education Area EHEA becomes very relevant learning students while developing skills that help them in their future professional practice. As accessible as a book on a library shelf: Medical Teacher, 33, Academic Medicine, 81, SS Medical Education, 39, What the student does JB Biggs.