More info on SAYC: ACBL SAYC System Booklet and ACBL Standard Yellow Card (both in PDF format). See also: Full SAYC convention card. SAYC Bridge Conventions. Here are some of the conventions that should be played under normal circumstances. Trying to put all we play in one place in a. Standard American is a bidding system for the game of bridge widely used in North America promulgated by the American Contract Bridge League. SAYC is widely used in internet bridge play, but only rarely in on-site tournament play.

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Top of nothing vs. Direct Doubles of 1NT are penalty oriented and are made bridgf a hand that is roughly the same shape and strength as that of the opener. With a maximum hand opener bids another suit to show a “feature” ace or king in that suit ; lacking a feature he raises to 3NT and lets responder place the contract.

All other systems are off. Whether or not frequent count signals are given. New suits at the one level show four or more cards and points. A raise of opener’s suit is to play and is often preemptive. When adding for support points, do not also include extra value for side suit length – – one or the other, but not both. The Goren point-count system became so popular that nearly all bridge players in the United States, social and tournament players alike, used it.


A Direct Jump Overcall is preemptive and shows the same shape and values as would an opening bid at the same level. When the opponents interfere over Blackwood or Gerber: Most bids had fairly specific requirements regarding hand strength and suit distribution.

These bids are normally made on a seven-card holding and a hand that is too weak to open at the one level. Bid NT to show a stopper in the fourth suit. Failing two of the top three, partner bids six of the agreed suit.

A 2-level bid in a previously mentioned suit. Add support points for shortness in side suits that do not also contain possibly non-working honors. It brideg prevalent in online bridge games and derives its origins from the ACBL.

Values are the same saayc for a bid of the Unusual NT – – see above. Standard American as a base. Suit bids at the one level are forcing for one round. A 1D opener suggests a four-card or longer suit, since 1C is preferred on hands where a three-card minor suit must be opened. Minimum rebids show less than 16 points and are non-forcing.

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SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card)

A bid says, “I’m bidding voluntarily, so I have a real fit with you. Normally open five-card majors in all seats. The final contract may be in notrump, and even if the partnership plays in the minor, you may end up ruffing with the long trump suit.

Open the higher of beidge suits of equal length: Normally open 1 with in the minors. Responder follows up by attempting to sign off in game, bidding 4NT Blackwood, or cuebidding if still interested in trying to cooperate with opener in making the slam decision.

Reopening bids mean much the same as direct seat bids, though they can be lighter at the minimum end. If the player using Gerber makes any bid other than 5C, that is to play including 4NT.

SAYC summary (Standard American Yellow Card system for bridge)

AKQJxx 87 Jxx xx. In response to Stayman, opener shows a four-card or longer major satc if he holds one. With invitational values, transfer to hearts and then rebid 2. If RHO makes a takeout double: