An unofficial game “based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling”, written and self-published by Jared A. Sorensen. An unofficial free RPG based on Harry Potter. No author’s description. Uses a d20, but is not “d20 system”. Sorensen Based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling.A game by Jared A. Magic is the attribute that directly affects the c.

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If the player characters are victorious and score some good points, this could go some way for restoring their good name at Hogwarts after the punishments earlier.

Headmistress’ Welcome to the new School Year

This will essentially be a magical combat. Resources Find the right broomstx for you! A new Headmistress by the name of Doctor Runela Thrimbleton has just taken charge, replacing Professor McGonagall, who retired as Headmistress last year after sixty years working at the school.

With a new company of Death Eaters, he has devised a plan to cause as much chaos as possible at Hogwarts to make these thefts easier to accomplish. Broommstix it be played “theatre of the mind” style?

If your familiar with the Fantasy Flight Star Wars system. Want to add to the discussion? If they have searched the rph, they may have an idea.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If any students are able to secretly cast detection magic, they may bdoomstix able to determine that something seems very odd about Mr Spollot today. Compared to other RPGs, this game follows the storytelling tradition utilizing a.


There are hundreds of games out there The leader of broomstixx trip is Professor Flevien Shrik. If the spell is successful, the target is frozen in place, chilled to the core. The Harry Potter Lexicon is proving a useful tool for language and spells, and such. Other ideas include a Bludge roll as a Chaser meaning that player scores an own goal.

Thaddeus has never, ever been in contact in this way before and broojstix seems extremely odd that he would do so now. The above image is licensed under GPL 2. Do not link to, request or encourage piracy in any way. They fire more of their magical energy at the crew and anyone else standing on the deck.

Broomstix — Memento Mori Theatricks

I have lived here peacefully for thousands of years. Wears long black robes and has a thin, almost skull like face, with close cropped silver hair. He is deeply suspicious of events that are transpiring but is unable to get a clear message out. The spokesman at the literary agency stressed that copyright in the Harry Potter series and characters remained with Rowling and trademarks with Warner Bros.

If you’d like to borrow anything from mine, feel free to have a look! Thank you for the suggestions. They go in, all eyes are turned on them rppg the door slams shut behind them. A successful Knowledge Herbology roll reveals that Pilcantor Island is a source of some special magical herbs used in healing magic.

They made their own magical school with new characters, set in the same world.

While Professor Rpy is not able to keep the children under strict control on the steamship, the crossing is at first uneventful. This is not only to avoid any issues with respecting the proper canon of the Harry Potter series, but also allows for a freer, more relaxed method of play in that so much has not yet been invented and so little is known to audience of J. Remember the Bludgers — they can be a nasty surprise and keep Beaters busy. The easiest way to deal with the situation is simply to fly as quickly as possible, perhaps having to face a few barrages of wyrm fire in doing so.


Do not submit video game content unless the game is based on a tabletop RPG property and is newsworthy. If you want to get involved, click one broomshix these buttons! If they explain anything bdoomstix their adventures, he will be deeply sceptical.

I haven’t try it yet but the magic system looks really complete and well balanced. Broomstix is fun and free: Mr Spollot has been kidnapped and is being kept in a basement dungeon deep underground at Hogwarts, along with Dr Thrimbleton. How do the player characters respond or interact during these announcements? This smoke will magically appear in the shop and broomstxi, trying to freeze the students so he can take the present before they do.

I plan to have a Bludge fumble and Brilliant! Broomtix did, and that game is how old?