Title: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Author: Jeremy KIEFER, Name: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Length: pages, Page: , Published: Title: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Author: Jeremy KIEFER, Name: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Length: pages, Page: 69, Published: Title: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Author: Jeremy KIEFER, Name: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Length: pages, Page: 73, Published:

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Post on Apr views. It has been his ambi-tion to pass his knowledge with more than 40 years being in the business on to the permanently changing markets.

That goal was reached! The ISO certificate and its know how is well appreciated at both the customers and competitors. Honesty and integrity are key alsafox for its success.

The development of new innovative products and its worldwide distribution together with a clear customer oriented focus is one of our mail goals. Proximity to customer needs is our main philosophy.

ALSAFIX – english – [PDF Document]

Innovative pro-ducts distributed through our competent team are one of the main targets within our philosophy. Initiating the development for the future Jean-Claude Roeckel will promise to actively participate in it. A Family businessAn Alsatian your trust in us.

We appreciate Jean-Claude Roeckel in the middle has 40 years of experience within the fastening business. With his two sons Gregory on his left and Romuald on alzafix right he will continue the tradition of a family business. This will be free of charge for you and needs to be performed just once. All we have to agree is the payment method the coope-ration can beginOpening an account alsafix alsafix. They are reachable by phone, mail or fax. Our competent technical team will be happy to assist you for all your questions around European Norms and standards as well as giving advices for all appli-cations around fixation methods you might come across.

Just benefit from our experiences gathered through expansion in the most dynamic Market places in France and Europe. Aosafix is our ambition to deliver our products to you out of our stock in the center of Europe. We are capable to deliver out of our 9. Quality always has been one of the key factors wit-hin our business philosophy.

Customer satisfaction com-bined with a high quality pro-duct is our ambition. We repair tools of all makes in our workshop. We carry spare parts for all of our tools in stock.

Sales Team In France, in Europe in the whole worldTechnical Know How und individual service High quality professional products Repair service in our work shop m2 The logistics platform of the group in the heart of Europestorage capacity 25 differentproducts available24 to 48 hours guaranteedOrder processing within 1 23 4Our sales team listens to you and will happily advice you accordingly.


Just profit from the exten-sive knowledge and expertise gathered and further developed in a daily cooperation with all our partners within France and Europe. You will be able to fur-ther develop your activities by offering system solutions to your customers. Offering you best prices for your customers can be achieved due to our volume purchases. Gaining customer loyalty by achieving value adds. We will support you in your acti-vities to secure the customers by offering you technical advices and our substantial know how.

Enlarge your product offering to your cus-tomers. We will support you by permanently adding new products and finding new applica-tions for you! We will cattalogue you in your activities by supplying catalovue a permanent coun-terpart on our side. Our pricelist as You can download and visualize it immediately on screen.

The document will be permanently available in the internet. All spare parts schematics for our tools including the correct description of the respective alsxfix will be accessible in the internet. We wish a lot of success by its implementation and will be happy to advise and assist in accordance with your proposals and requests.

In case you cannot find it please contact your Alsafix counterpart. Videos have become part of our presentation since they are visualizing the tool and its application for much bet-ter comprehension.

RPF 14Heavy duty staplerdesigned for fixing into woodwire, thick insulation, plastic, Heavy duty staplerdesigned for fixing into woodfilm, thick insulation, plastic, Heavy duty staplerdesigned for fixing insulation mate-rials, pipes and corrugated pipes. Designed for fixing wire up to 6 mm. Designed for fixation of: Textile, leather, small carpentery, labeling,upholstery. Battery 7,2 V Li-ion BATVX14B Efficient complementary and alternative of pneumatic tool for any work to be done on site no compressor needed Designed with a long nose of 14 mm for much applications: Can be fold several times without dammaging the picture or the frameFixation of frames strip with 90 cut Can replace nails, glue, elatic, Heavy duty and high speed work: Fixation of frames strip with 90 cut and optional and Can replace nails, glue, elatic, The staple is shot as soon as the safety on alwafix nose is in contact with the wood without needed to pull the trigger.

With its long nose the tool can work in hard to reach area. With BOX-1Designed for upholstery. Suspended ceiling- O-ring 12B – servo 12B – O-ring 12B – servo 12B Toys confection, profiled lath fastening,shoe reparation. Boxes, wood floor, catapogue, cover, stand, shair, catalogye, table, panels, Boxes, wood floor, beams, cover, stand, shair, speakers, table, panels, insula-tion Boxes, wood floor, beams, cover, stand, shair, spea-kers, table, panels, insula-tion, fire proff panels.

  FX2N - 16 EYT PDF

Cardboard on pallets- O-ring 12B – servo 12B Designed for fixation of: Fixing stud for prefabricated houses, wooden buildings. Framing, plates, winow profile, panels, plinth, small cladding, Invisible fixation, friezes, frames,deco, mirrors, Glazing bead fixing ,paneling, offices, bars, boats, trailers, coffins. Glazing bead fixing ,paneling, offices, bars, boats, trailers, cof-fins.

Roffing shingles- O-ring kit 12B – servo 12B Extra large head of 10 mm nails. Chalets, cladding, lathing, sheathing, crates, Chalets, cladding, lathing, sheathing, crates,-pallets. Inside and outside uses- protective tip 12B – angle tip 12B – O-rings 12B – servo 12B For nails of 45 to 90 mm. Place the clip Fixation of the clip Fixation of theinto the groove.

ALSAFIX 2015 – english

Wood constriction, cladding, sheathing, lathing, Chalets, cladding, lathing, sheathing, crates,pallets. Rail fasteningstrapbox, timbermembrane, ceiling hook, cable, wire, Nails for flat pistoncodeDesigned for: Can be use with or without magazinDesigned for: Dont hesitate to contact us for more information or for a possible study of your needs.

Pour dexcellentes valeurs de rsistance larrachement. In endurance and performance already proven, hammer now has the flexibility of dual voltage. This will further increase the performance and versatility in the existing use of the tool without changing its weight or size. Lighting installation, sanitary and dis-tribution. Drilling in concrete or other support.

With its great power, a new engine and a metal casing, the hammer drill is lightweight in its class. For that is why it is ideal For continuous use. For small chiselling worksChisel tool Lenght x width 20 mm. For small chiselling worksCarreling toolLenght x width 40 mm. For removing tilesWings tool Lenght x width 22 mm. For relectrical wire canalsTeeth tool Lenght x width 6 mm. Kit trpans hole and centringCouronne trpan 50 mm holeCentring drillFor tool holder.

For all work chiselingpiercing and demolition masonry, concrete, loose rock and for laying pipes. Flat burinLenght x width 25 mm.

Hilti Usa Catalog New Catalogue Alsafix by Jeremy Kiefer issuu – centennial

Tiler burin Lenght x largeur 50 mm. To remove the tiles. Double expansion, suitable for fixing in a hollow material with its long expansion. Suitable for thermal insulation from the outside. Ideal for mounting in a hollow material with its long expansion. A hit or screw. By screwing with a socket Ideal for thermal insulation from the outside. Use on alzafix isolated from the outside.

For use with a drill. Fixing rafters on masonry, on bracket feetmore walls in the hollow masonry Wood fixing to concrete. Corosion resistance and the load.