CFONB in XMLdation service. “XMLdation currently has validation service for following payment definitions: CFONB pain SEPA. France had one single credit transfer format: the CFONB. This format is no longer based on the CFONB format. Phased out since the. Management of your SEPA payments (SCT), CFONB, ISO Formats. National: CFONB ; International: CFONB ; SEPA XML; ISO

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With Exabanque, take control of your banking transactions from a single, unique interface that is independent of your banks. Poor management of these transactions can lead to excessive costs and insufficient liquidity.

The purpose of Exabanque is to simplify cash management for you, especially in a multi-bank context. Using Exabanque, you process all of your national and international payment orders completely securelyregardless of the type of IT equipment installed at your company. However you use Exabanque for the import of standardised files or text files, or for entriesaccess rights and authorised transactions are subject to a system that controls user rights and signing authority in a way that can be adapted to your needs: Order remittances sent to the bank can be part of a validation workflow that specifies that one or two digital signatures are required before sending.

Exabanque also makes it possible to verify and transmit files from cheques cashed, created in TLMC format by one of your own software programs. With Exabanque, you are able to import and export your data at any time, avoiding superfluous entries. You are therefore entirely autonomous and in control of your data. Skip to main content.


Contact Client login Login using a certificate Free trial. View your account statements and transmit orders to all your banks.

CFONB domestic format converter for France

All of your financial transactions pass through your bank accounts: I want a free trial. Management of your payment and collection orders. A database for each of your banks containing third parties, order templates and lists of regular orders Control of security through the centralised management of rights and payment procedures digital signature, double validation Guaranteed compliance with the mandatory banking formats SEPA, ISO, CFONB in all countries and for all banks.

Control over your data at all times.

EBICS IG CFONB V2 english version 24 02 |

Import and export of your cfonv whenever you choose. Follow-up of all types of banking transactions. All of your banks displayed in an identical way The option to carry out consolidation operations designed according to your needs, with or without currency conversion Multicriteria transaction search function allows you to search all your banks at once. Demo of the Exabanque software. Monitor your banking transactions at any time. View all of the account statements sent to you by your banks in Exabanque.

You also have the option to print them and export them to the program of your choice.

Informans – Solutions for e-business et e-banking

Automated receipt of your account statements as well as your intradays transactions within the day Processing of enhanced statements showing detailed transaction information Error report in the event of an incident involving receipt, with manual trigger option if necessary Online viewing showing the details of each transaction Calculation of value balances by account or in consolidated form Multicriteria search function across all your accounts Download by period CFONBMT, MT, Excel. Other banking transaction statements.


Consult and download notifications of: If you do not have this kind of tool, you have the following options: Import orders into Exabanque in text format with separators CSV or Excel Enter your transactions directly into Exabanque online, using the database of your beneficiaries saved in the program.

Security of your payments. E, discounting and collection. Management of your B. E, statement of promissory notes. Import and transmission of B. E portfolio In progress by drawee In progress by due date Select your due dates to transmit to the bank.

View and download statements of rejected B. E View and archive PSRs pain.

Entry Import text with separators Standardised import Direct debits B. Software suited to your needs, whatever your size or business sector Compatible with all European banks Optional advanced features available treasury forecastsanalytical management, banking chargesaccounting reconciliation Software availability guaranteed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Users quickly up and running thanks to the software’s simple and intuitive ctonb Total autonomy of set-up Cash flow management which is independent of your banks. Pricing structure not linked to the number of users or companies All inclusive contract: Your payments are secure: Software in SaaS mode.

Assistance at standard call rate. Treasury transfers Formats National: