Responsible for negotiating the contracts that their kroot brethren fulfill, Kroot Shapers help coordinate strategies with their employers as well. During this relative dry spell for 8th edition 40k, we asked ourselves how would you like to see a Kroot and Vespid Codex come out?. The Kroot are a fictional species in the Warhammer 40, game universe. Warhammer 40, Warhammer 40, Codex: Tau. Nottingham: Games.

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You’ve pulled it off so far keep up the top work. I’ve always liked the kroot models and felt they would look reallly good as an individual army.

Was thinking of turning it into a Kroot Titan, and would probably use the rules for one of the Tyranid Gargantuan Creatures in an Apocalypse game. Well, I finally got around to painting him. I am very pleased because now I get to spend the remainder of the Summer working on my Wraithknight. It has been a very long process from my first concept to this point, but it’s a great centerpiece to the army.

I also finished an Aegis Defense Line. Man, just thinking about it gets me Khorney. Depends on how you count. MechaEmperor – click to view full reply. The Good Green – click to view full reply. Slaanesh-Devotee – click to view full reply. Khibala Yusra re-rolls all failed hit and wound rolls when attacking enemy Characters in the Fight phase.

Kroot – 1d4chan

And as we all know, GW would rather just make reams of unnecessary Space Marine variant codices than give an update to a faction who actually needs it. Currently I have two armies in sight that would work for rules as a “Kroot Kore” of mercenaries: The problem is, Forgeworld only makes one version of the model, and I did not want 3 identical copies of it as a single unit. You cannot use Twilight Pathways on a unit more than once in each Psychic phase.


Mercenary bands eat lots of different stuff, and so can have various genetic traits. I’ll be watching with bated breath. This page was last edited on 7 Marchat When two straps come together, I added either two staples or a nail that connected the straps.

Thankfully the salt of the 1 Commander limit keeps me from buying either of them or R’alai who I had an eye on for a while. Greyhound – click to view full reply. Colonel Dakura – click to view full reply.

Move and hit like Eldar. Your most recent projects are very well done and I especially love the fist weapon on your Harlequin Heroes. I am honestly quite keen on looking to Kroot in more detail, there’s just something about them that I like. Alternatively, the rules could be used to create a coedx solely coddx Kroot and their associated forms, although it was noted that the army would perform poorly against several of the Codex armies in a standard battle.

That’s totally against current fluff and I doubt they will change that so drastically. Still, it’s nice to know I have the models available for future use.

In AoS the themed sub-faction armies can be run alone or as part of a greater whole or even bigger conglomeration. The squad leaders and character models are going to be updated to having the long head quills, and I have a feeling I am going to start scattering Kroot birds throughout the entire army. You may have noticed that this article kroor a lot about eating.

If I had one half of your skill with sculpting greenstuff, I would be able to do so much more with the Kroot plastics, they are a really excellent kit to manipulate. The Kroot are a relatively new force in Warhammer 40,having been released in October I’m trying to convey a Kroot feel but have it come across as an krolt enhanced Krootox.

When it comes to fantasy bits, I’ve liked including bits from wood elves, lizardmen, and ogre kingdoms to keep the primitive look for my army. What would be the best way to start this army? I’ve always envisioned the Kroot being a mashup of infantry and beasts charging through heavy terrain: Do the Great Knarlocs feature in that army? Since I imagine this project will take a while, I think it might be a good idea to wait for the imminent release of the Ork Codex.


I’m quite happy with how my Krootox Quad-Gun turned-out: The first one I’ve built up is going to be a psyker, likely a farseer, so I went with the older looking Kroot head that came with the Kroot on Big Ape third party model.

The Lost Hobbit Excellent blog. Flying pterodactyl calvary are a must? I can’t wait to see what you will be doing with the body of this monster The krroot is, when combined with the absence of warpaint, the model looks unfinished.

I’m not sure whether I should be intrigued or repulsed by some of their female character models. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Krroot. Which means they are cool.

I’m cldex perplexed and excited. As mentioned above, the downside of Kroot consumptive evolution is that it’s really easy for them to get “stuck” on the wrong oroot and devolve permanently into an atavistic form. The model was separated into many pieces, which was great as I was most interested in duplicating the head and the bow.

The enemy unit can only Fall Back if the player commanding it wins the roll-off. Oaka Some images of where I am starting and what I hope to achieve for a model to use as a Wraithknight.