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The Stand: Soul Survivors by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

I haven’t ever had stepyen luck getting through a King book, even the short ones. And, there are issues here, too. The women who have survived the plague are content to cook, cleave to men, and scour the ruins of mankind for washboards that would make doing that darned laundry so much easier. The vampires in Twilight symbolize only the end of culture, not the world. I added The Stand not long after I moved transferred uploaded imported my books to Goodreads from the then soon-to-be-defunct Visual Bookshelf.

Harold holds his ground as he’s not exactly willing to trust a stranger but an event later on brings the group closer together.

A series of interviews conducted between and I wanted to quit, but couldn’t stand having made it so far through and then not being able to say I had read the damn thing. The most memorable moments, such as Trashy’s encounter with the Kid, are isolated from the main narrative.

The problem is that very little of what the characters do makes any difference in the outcome. King creates a good setting, and good characters and then let’s them loose into the world where they walk around with their thumbs up their butts for pages.


I’m sure the King fans have already read it, but here’s a quick summary: As you can see nice people have no chance of survival whatsoever; we are left with jerks. Chapter 14 The disease continues to spread. This chapter literally ends with the blasting open of the door.

King has the requisite imagination, but the story missed spectrums of opportunities to describe the process of the extermination of the human population.

Maybe because I picture him as Gary Sinise, who played him in the mini-series that was made in the 90’es was it ? It’s amazing how easy it is to read a monster book on an e-reader. After Stephen’s grandparents passed away, Mrs.

De Beproeving

Yes, I said it: Het land blijft vrijwel bbeproeving achter. Mother Abigail is Mammy-type figure, a sassy but pious Christian woman. Yes, the main reason this book is a borewas dragged-out plot. I am sure individual plots came over time.

D, they are not going to last much longer. View all 3 comments. Having recently reread the book within the past couple of yearsit has been easy to make a comparison. As per my usual with graphic novels, I’ll start with the art. He used the same excuse stephe Nick’s injuries when he cut out the fistfight from Book 1. Now he has a car Stu and Tom watching a movie in the hotel.

But not too much is covered in detail on the horrible demises. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

My favorite parts were of Nick’s and Tom’s journey. I’m thinking Different Seasons. A lot, I presume, as he is the antagonist prime in this book. Zelfs de zon liet Arnette in de steek en het stadje verduisterde onder de vleugels van de nacht Each of these women is defined primarily by the men around them: I just want more story before I crash for yet another evening.


Oh, and hello plot hole. All the while reading, I have had “Don’t Fear the Reaper” stuck in my head Want to catch the flu? In addition to discussing his craft, the writer talks about the films from which his early books were made.

I can’t wait to read it. My buddy Celeste had made a prediction eeeeaaaaaarrly on about a certain character and, spoilers, she called it. I went back searching our posts to make sure she called it since it took me so many freaking months to finish this I couldn’t quite remember. How did it affect the rest of the story? Sometimes I feel like Larry really “ain’t no nice guy,” and sometimes, I think he’s completely justified in his actions. Since its publication in and re-release with over pages of originally deleted material added back in incountless reviews and articles have been written about King’s self-proclaimed “long, dark tale of Christianity.

I’m enjoying this and I can’t wait to get the next volume. Reading King’s stories never fails to make me hate the humanity. The guys go on a mission to Vegas. I think Aguirre-Sacasa has done a world class job.