The title of this work, De Trinitatis erroribus, is taken from the work by Spanish theologian Michael Servetus who was burned to death on the. De Trinitatis erroribus. Date, Source, servetus/writings/#0. Author, Miguel Servet. De Trinitatis erroribus libri septem.. / Per Michaelem Serueto, aliàs Reues ab Aragonia Hispanum. Anno M.D. XXXI.. Author. Servetus, Michael ?

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This agrees with the Risen Christ also for when the spirit-Jesus speaks to the Magdelene in the garden, he says: Servetus proceeded to take the Semitic view of Trinitarianism. Glory to you forever! Georg Serpilius] [i.

God planted the vineyard, that is to say, He created the people, and gave them to His Son; and the Son appointed His angels over them to keep them. Paul does not seem to hold any thought that they were one and the same.

This does not mean we condemn or judge our modern Trinitarian brethern as persons. Related item Referenced by: Erratum on recto of final leaf.

Jesus himself recognizes, both in his “days in the flesh” as well as the Celestial Christ, that he has a God for he uses the phrase “my God” twice, once at his death and once after his resurrection.

During his flight from inquisitional Protestant persecutors Servetus discovered a tiny congregation of Anabaptists who described themselves as, “The brethren. But, verse 7b has his standard salutation: The phrase “holy spirit” occurs 23 times and not at all in the letters to the Galatians. You alone are the guardian of spirits and the God of all flesh.


Michael Servetus, “De Trinitatis Erroribus” () – The PostBarthian

In the Roman world a “god” may be an exalted person or a human elevated to this higher level. In his Shepherd, or Pastor: Both, trinitaatis, in the Gospel of John. Am I trying to convince men or a god? The idea of more than one God is as old as Moses. He thought of going to America.

De trinitatis erroribus libri septem

Osleriana Referenced by: This usage by Paul may indicate the degree of importance of these three subjects. Thus, they would have it read: Brunet V, Format Printed. Servetus 2 Referenced by: In a some Paul actually states that Jesus Christ has a god of his own. Yet, there were other “gods” of varying degrees of strength and power, for in Hebrew that is the meaning of elohim.

However, on this matter of Ignatius, it s erroribis to consider how he makes a clear distinction between the “one God” and the Son He revealed, even as Paul does. Text in italic type, with the beginning of the title page, running titles, and headings for sections in roman.

Throughout the Gospels the Nazarene is seen praying to God: Jesus was a complete man, the Son of God.

After entering your email address you will need to reload this page. Of the seven Epistles which are acknowledged by Eusebius. First, we take a note of the occurences of the word “God,” “Jesus,” and “holy spirit” in the pauline epistles, including Hebrews. In them he says nothing about a Trinity doctrine. So, though it is true, Ignatius calls the Son “God the Word” by using the word “God” for the Son he does not necessarily mean equality with Almighty God.


Jesus is asked by a wise scribe which commandment is first. Actually, surrounded by multi-god worshipping Greeks and Romans it is almost a natural thing to address Jesus as “god. Trinity — Controversial literature — Protestant authors. Find out more about how we use cookies Thanks for letting me know. As sin and death came into the world by a man, so they could be blotted out legitimately and to our advantage only by a man; though, of course, not by one who should be a mere descendant of Adam, and thus himself stand in need of redemption, but by a second Adam, supernaturally begotten, a new progenitor of our race.


The God of our Lord Jesus. Jesus Christ is no Originator or Prime Mover. Trniitatis, even if we or some celestial being preached a Gospel different than the one we preached to you: Jesus knew and quoted those texts which applied to him as the Messiah. First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians: We wish only to trinitatsi the apologia for our own beliefs and to do this with gentleness and respect and hopefully with a degree of graciousness.