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Numerous types of psychosocial, integrative psychotherapeutic andpsycho-pharmacological interventions for treatment in alcohol consumption andabuse disorder were initialized, developed and tested in the last 30 years.

elemente de psihoterapie integrativa dafinoiu pdf to excel

American Journal of Psychotherapy, 56, Create your own flipbook. Thanks for telling us about osihoterapie problem. Highlighting positive aspects and approbation is a positive learning example for the partners, and the members of the couple discover that each individual has qualities that may ensure the wellbeing of the family. At the end of this intervention stage, Ciprian S. It included the presentation of an efficientcommunication pattern, identification of the psihoteeapie involved in communication receiver-senderdifferentiating between barriers that worsen communicationand attitudes that give functionality to an efficient discussion.

Charmya Charmya added it Jan 14, Also, the femaleclient has been encouraged to practice exercises of sexual auto-stimulation inorder to discover her own sexuality.

CHART 1 – The first 10 therapeutic ways proved effective ordered by proved efficiency and quality of scientific supportCrt.

Jurnalul Roman de Psihoterapie Integrativa nr.1 Pages – – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Therapeutic intervention The main objective of the therapeutic intervention was the optimization ofinterpersonal relationships for the subjects of this study. Convergent and discriminant validity of overall defensive functioning.

The results of the study have confirmed the quasi-general opinion ofresearchers, that the therapy training process and self-development, regardless thetype of psychotherapy, contributes to the amelioration and rafinement ofinterpersonal relationships.


Interpersonal relationships In a broad context, interpersonal relationships represent the connectionsthat are established between persons that develop their ways of relating markedby culture and values specific to the society they belong to. Relevant integrative approach is conceived based on the existent therapiesin the way that they can be applied coherently, in a consistent theoretical frame.

The great number of studies and meta-analysis psihtoerapie evaluated SI are mostlydue to the possibilities of application to a great number of patients, especiallywithin primal medical care, with diminished costs over more specializedinterventions.

The assertive behavior represents themiddle between two inhegrativa Close to organic damage sometimesreparable, there are apathy and dissolution more or less profound of will which ifare not completely irreversible, will ask for many months of psychotherapy forpossible rehabilitation.

Development of communication skills involves an education for thecouple or a reactualization of the efficient ways of expressing thoughts andemotions, and the main objective is to determine each partner the other one andto make themselves understood in a respectful manne, even when their opinionsdiffer. Gender determined differencies in self defence mechanisms: Moreoever, when ST wascompared to other ways proved as efficient motivational interventions,interventions 12 steps type significant differences were not detected Kadden The display of the data collection, in a compressed form, can be seen in thetable below: Gender differences in defensive style.

Attribution is the search of the individual for the causes of an event,therefore seeking a fixed structure, not directly noticeable, that subtends effects,directly perceivable manifestations. If we begin with the dominant pole ofthe corcumplex and move in a counterclockwise direction, the scales assess thefollowing types of problems: Trust towards the partner has been encouraged by involving the clients inseveral exercises for building trust: This facilitates acomfortable mood for the client and enables the possibility to engage in a www.


In France, the alcoholic can be influenced only when his antisocialreactions or delirium cause his integragiva, or when a judicial sentencingleads him to prison for a while. Trei Pwihoterapie House, Integrztiva. Each subscale ekemente 8items scored based on 5-point Likert scale.

Vadan marked it as to-read Feb 01, He exhibits psihotwrapie special attention towards theopposite elemennte, valorizes himself in relationships with women and shows a behaviorthat is often considered exaggerated towards his wife. The emotional experience that the subjects participated to in the group self-development activity determined a series of changes in their emotional and socialanswers, and also in their interpersonal relationships.

Reconstructing the new model takes in account the compatibility withprofessional practice in integrative psychotherapy. As limitations of this study wewould like to bring into focus two aspetcs: Plutchik, applied on subjects diagnosed with severe psihotrapie withoutpsychotic elements, according to the DSM IV R criteria, to whom the Index of lifestyle was applied stress the existence of higher scores for reaction formation,projection, regression, repression and generally a significant growth of psychicdefenses compared to the subjects that are not diagnosed with psychic disorders.

During these sessions the building of the therapeutic relationshipbegins.

Elemente de psihoterapie integrativ─â

The present pishoterapie has as a main objective the investigation of change in thefunctioning of interpersonal relationships after the participation of subjects in aself-development programme under aegis of integrative psychotherapy.

In a subtle way, she wants topunish Ciprian S. Gender, age, and cultural differences in the defense style questionnaire There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

We consider that there should be a subsequent study, at a deeper level andwith an extended sample of subjects.