Corporate Income Tax. PNI. Produced Nation Income. DTA. Double Taxation Agreement. SBV. State Bank of Vietnam. EPE. Export Processing Enterprise. SME. file extension Alphanumeric characters added to a filename to denote the filetype . Example, extension denotes a file is a Microsoft® Word file. file name/. As children at younger ages are being given access to digital devices and web tools, we as parents and teachers need to be prepared to show them how to use .

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MP3 A highly-compressed file format enabling music tracks to be readily published and transmitted over the Internet. Traceroute A utility for investigating the path between Internet addresses, e. Nameserver Part of a domain’s configuration responsible for routing traffic to the relevant host.

T tablet 1 a flat panel touch sensitive device capable of running apps.

Social engineering Generally, techniques used by fraudsters to trick users into thinking that an attempted fraud has a genuine basis. URL Uniform Resource Locator, denoting the address of a server and the type of protocol associated flietype it. Dreamweaver Professional web design software produced by Adobe.

C cable modem A high-speed modem which operates in conjunction with a cable network provider rather than via a telephone line to provide broadband Internet access cache A fast and efficient buffer or intermediate storage stage, including temporary files retrieved from the Filehype and stored in a cache on a computer hard disk.

Mozilla The name of the dinosaur mascot created by Netscape Communications Corp.

COM a question-and-answer based search engine, see www. A byte usually contains 8 bits binary digits. Fioetype 1 a web browser devised by Google; 2 the decorative parts of a program or webpage. This can be configured with software if needed as some Internet sessions may fail if the MTU is too high. KB Knowledge Base An information resource commonly available on-line or on-disc, in practice often based on users’ feedback, comments and frequently asked questions from customers.


Sometimes mistakenly used to mean ‘Lots of love’. Example, the file readme. A fax modem is need to send traditional faxes down a phone line. Smartphone a mobile phone with operating system capable of running programs apps or connecting to a network.

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Trojan Horse An innocent-looking computer program or application which looks inviting e. Can also infect other systems by being transmitted over a network, or on a disk, etc. Winzip to uncompress it. Attachments may contain a virus and should be scanned before opening, even if received from a trusted source.

In theory it should be quicker to fetch a file if it already exists on a proxy server, rather than having to reach out across the Internet to fetch it from the original source. See IANA for more.

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Often irritating or discourteous to other users. A file can convert into many thousands of lines of ASCII and the process may be hidden from the user by software. System for denoting up to alphanumeric characters and other symbols using a 7 bit number.

The damage is done by sending it on to many users, unnecessarily. ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network, a digital system for transmitting data filetyype higher rates than can be achieved over an analogue network.

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The address where the reply made by the recipient of an E-mail will be sent to. RFC Request For Comments, the means by which the evolution of the Internet was documented by its developers and techniques and protocols agreed. Often degraded by “noise” or outside interference. Net Contact Us Share. VPN Virtual Personal Network – a method of interconnecting parts of a network nodes together using encrypted data to prevent outside interception, in effect as if the nodes were physically connected with a wire.


European equivalent network is Galileo, under construction. A “signpost” for Internet traffic. Used mostly for personal one-to-one communications, requires a key fletype.

Used on servers as well as personal computers and routers. J Java A powerful, complete programming language created by Sun Microsystems, which amongst other uses enables dynamic web pages to be created through the use of Java “applets” or mini-programs, which are embedded in fildtype pages and designed to be downloaded and run on virtually any type of user system, even mobile phones.

Ethernet A communications system for operating LANs local area networks.

File extension EPE details – EPE files How To (by File Extension Seeker)

B2B Business To Business. Managed by Domain Name Server computer systems. DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a means of allocating IP addresses to network resources dictionary attack A technique whereby an entire computerised dictionary of words is launched at a password-protected file or site, in an attempt filftype “crack” it.