Faery Lands Forlorn. divider. (Book Two) You’ve met imps, jotnar, and goblins; now get ready for fairies, djinns, and dwarfs. At the end of Magic Casement, Inos . Inos, the late king’s daughter, had been kidnapped through the magic casement even as the Impish legions overrunning her tiny kingdom were storming the. Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn. VIII. Forlorn! the very word is like a bell. To toil me back from thee to my sole self! Adieu! the fancy cannot cheat so well.

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In the main, the ironbound coast of Zark was as deadly and inhospitable as the interior. I would prefer more honor and character builds but the characters read nicely and many are good or trying to be. I can usually finish a book of this size within days. I worry that the next several books are going to fall into the same pit as Goodkind’s Sword of Truth and Lads Shannara stuff, where I waste my time reading books that feel like fawry more than filler and author paydays.

She thumped fists on it furiously.

Jan 02, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: When he clenched his jaw, the fringe of red beard rippled. Aunt Kade was just passing the panther.

Faery Lands Forlorn

Sep 20, Kathleen rated it liked it Shelves: Still somehow catlike, the sorceress smiled. Lsnds climax with Rap, Gathmor and the anthropophagi. This book required 2 months.

Sample Chapter One Behind the veil 1 Eastward from the bare crags of the Agoniste Mountains, the land fell off in scabby ridges and gullies, sere and drab. This will be a very informative and educational visit. Rap possesses one word and he can calm and control animals and also see people and things for a great distance around him without using his eyes.


There’s also chunks of narrative devoted to infodumping. fafry

Hope leaping wildly within her, Inos brushed past Kade, ignoring her attempts to signal rorlorn, following the sorceress. Now off to read the next one ; The svelte maiden image would have been the illusion, obviously.

Faery Lands Forlorn – Dave Duncan

One Behind the veil 1 Eastward from the bare crags of the Agoniste Mountains, the land fell off in scabby ridges and gullies, sere and drab. Our gestalt continue to seek words of power, and then there’s Master Rap, thrown hither and thither, from thief to magician to sorcerer to sailor, all the while trying to find his queen. I might sound acerbic but this is faeey your own good. I think I blitzed through this book super-fast.

Faery Lands Forlorn : Dave Duncan :

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Below the hills, a roasted desert stretched away to meet the surf of the Spring Sea. Feb 08, Nicole Luiken rated it liked it Shelves: Lancs she realized that, more than anything else, she wanted Rap here beside her.

Everything looked expensive, but nothing fit or blended.

Yet, at long intervals where some trick of the landscape caught the nourishing sea wind or cool springs gushed from the rocks, life erupted in abundance. When her head was level with the floor, she paused a long time, seeming to be listening, as she had before.


He and Janet were married in Still on board for book three! Could anyone ever believe anything said around here? Even one word would naturally make a man more successful at lechery; he would automatically collect any stray princesses around. It’s better than anything you ever dared anticipating.

While I quite like reading about Rap I only tolerate reading about Inos. It’s refreshing to find secondary characters who are so complex, too – they don’t simply function as allies or enemies, but move from one to the other depending on the motive or moment.

Well, if you are sultan here, then what is she to you? A small smile played around her mouth, registering satisfaction. Rap realizing they like him as he is, making friends. From this side, apparently, the curtain was as impenetrable as a castle wall.

Magic Casement Mil Nicholson. No mundane sculptor could ever have matched the detail of lande coat so well, nor achieved the cunning fit of the grain of the rock to the gleam of light over muscle and bone, but otherwise what had a moment before been a living, breathing, and highly dangerous predator was now only a graceful ornament.

As she went by Azak, she reached up and tweaked his beard.