GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP Manual. Configuring Fax server options • Field information first name: can be empty last name: can be. Leave “Proposed” items blank if no change is being made.) 1. Department: This fax was received by GFI FAXmaker fax server. For more. GFI FaxMaker™ fax server software solution for small to medium . ITSP Domain Name field should remain blank as no domain name was.

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Open an client, create a new message, enter the text to send, add attachments if needed and address the fax to or if the user is on Exchange Server, select the recipient from the Microsoft Outlook Contacts. Check Every faxmakker sent must include a billing code option to enforce billing codes.

If you have an Exchange 5. In this dialog, the following options have to be configured: This option allows you to set a delay between retries in seconds. Do not store failed fax attachments for resending – This option will disable the feature that allows a user to resend a failed fax by hitting the reply button. More information on these options can be found further on in this manual. For more detailed information, please see.

2 blank pages when sending fax from outlook

GFI Product Manual Client Manual The information and content in this document is provided for informational purposes only and is provided “as is” with no warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The converted text is then used for OCR routing depending on your configuration. Enables Secure Password Authentication, which uses the credentials of the currently logged on user to authenticate against the mail server. Select which users you wish to apply the rule to.

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If you use Fax modems: In the United States, the dial prefix isthus to dial the United Kingdom country code 44 the user must dial and then the number. And it lets you indicate a default orientation. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Shows activity of the process that sends faxes to SMTP clients. WebSpy Vantage Ultimate 2. The test s success or failure is displayed in the dialog box. You can also specify that any faxes received on this route should be printed on a particular printer.

In the options tab you can change the cover page name raxmaker associate a different cover page file to the cover page. If an incoming fax is more than 1. Click Next to continue.

GFI FAXmaker 14.3 for Exchange/Lotus/SMTP. Manual. By GFI Software Ltd

Microsoft Outlook only retrieves the name and the fax number of the recipient from the contacts list and does not include the company name in the mail that is sent to the GFI FAXmaker server.

Click OK to create connector. Please visit fazmaker Cantata Technology website for more information how to configure your card correctly for a particular PBX. Click OK to exit the dialog.

This allows you to set up if you want to have the OCR text in the fax report, the maximum number of faxmaoer to convert and to set up language, spelling and correction options. There will be short delay during this installation. Select your device type. Launch the setup msi from explorer. In the Mail Archiving tab tick the faxes that you want to archive.

GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/Lotus/SMTP. Manual. By GFI Software Ltd – PDF

Streamline and accelerate your distribution related business processes by scanning, emailing and filing your documents right from your scanning device. Select the Forward all messages for this domain to host option and in the edit box underneath it enter the IP address for the machine hosting the GFI FAXmaker fax server. The dial prefixes are the numbers that are placed in front of the country code when dialing an international daxmaker.

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Optimize, email and file a document in one step Streamline and accelerate your distribution related business processes by scanning, emailing and filing your documents right from your scanning device.

In this case a lower matching ration is required; otherwise the fax will not be routed. It is a high performance enterprise fax server software. Watch the Email Video. Test the SIM fax,aker with your mobile and ensure there is reception, no pin number has been set, you have enough credits etc.

When you create a mail merge, at the end of the merge letter you therefore must add the fax separator characters. If your addresses do not follow this convention, you will have to specify the correct address in the User s personal tab.

GFI Faxmaker Client 12 Files Detail

Provide a display name for the cover page and select a cover page file from the list of available cover page files. Use the rendering tab to set the margins for the front covernotes.

For example, if you are using a 2 line card, you can select two channels for each card. It just sends the fax. The server rejected the sender address. Launch Exchange Management shell console and key in the following PowerShell commandlets: This manual and the data files are More information.

Key in FAX in the type edit box.