GURPS Alternate Earths 2 (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System) [ Kenneth Hite, Michael Schiffer, Craig Neumeier] on *FREE*. them all, as agents of the implacable Centrum. GURPS Alternate Earths 2 provides six more worlds usable in a. GURPS Time Travel “Infinite Worlds” campaign. GURPS Classic: Alternate Earths 2 – Again, Infinite Worlds! Serve the August Emperor as an Eye of Heaven – or plot the downfall of the.

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Oregon Country has been used alternatd decades a dumping ground for undesirables of gkrps sorts including Jeremy BenthamEric Blair and survivors of the ” Lincoln – Lee ” rebellion of Travel the Confederate States of America by dirigible. The American Commonwealth, a near-theocratic Protestant nation governed by a Gups Protector appointed for life, is smaller, of a size with Nouvelle France, the sole remaining colonial possession in North America. Aeolus breaks with our history inwhen the favourable winds which allowed William of Orange altrrnate safely cross the English Channel and invade England in the real world never materialized and his fleet was lost in the attempt.

Why settle for only one world? Any time, any place, any world, any genre. Surf our site for the files you want. The bad news is, somebody out there doesn’t like us.

Gadgets that were never invented — but should have been! Join the American Resistance against Nazi occupation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. A handy guide to conquering your own parallel Earth. Mercantilist economic theory holds sway, resulting in a restrictive network of tariffsrail gauge changes and state monopolies throughout the globe although the theories of Friedrich Hayek are having a stimulating effect in his native Austria.

In the nuclear obliteration of London by parties unknown decapitated the AFE and kicked off a decade of civil war that killed more than earth the world’s population mostly through unrestricted biowarfare.

Yes, if you buy from one of these links, Amazon pays a percentage to SJ Games! Why settle for only one world?


GURPS Alternate Earths II

Humanity has also spread to the rest of the solar system and to colony worlds in four other star systems accessible through FTL stargates. With the riches gurpss the city, a garrison left to hold it, and Greek fire, the Vikings’ future raids against southern Europe were vastly more successful.

Take to the skies to defend democracy in Bourbon Europe. Dodge British helicopter gunships as you fight for America years after Washington’s execution. Schiffer Edited by James L. Sean Punch pages.

The bad news is, somebody out there doesn’t like us. Ming-3 is a parallel universe almost entirely dominated by a Chinese empire whose fleets of exploration under Zheng He Jeng Ho in the text were never scrapped as they were in our history; the scenario credits the mother of the Xuande Emperor with having persuaded her son to put a final end to his voyages her husband, the Hongxi Emperorhaving opposed them during his short reignand posits a plague that alternafe her life and her influence over Xuande.

Complete histories, including timelines, for each alternate Earth. Subversive plots by the nefarious Centrum. In our history their fleet turned back; in Midgard they captured the city and were given the secret of Greek fire by religious dissidents, enabling them to destroy the Byzantine fleet on its return. Privacy Policy Contact Us.

GURPS Alternate Earths 2

Surf our site for the files you want. March with the Roman legions on their campaigns in the New World. Amphibious delivery of soldiers and supplies was developed out of necessity during a war with Annan province Vietnamwhich stood China in good stead when it found the need to pacify the lands in its naval trading sphere: Calculus was devised in the early 11th century, oil-powered steamships were first built in the midth century, and man first walked on the moon in Battle the Aztec Jaguar Knights in their conquest of Europe.

Raid the glittering pyramids of Mexico with your Vinlander kinsmen. Maybe an infinite number.

GURPS Alternate Earths 2 | Axis & Allies Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The “current year” warths only but the world is apternate far in advance of our present day. Fortunately for the Republican Alliance, the presence of Mikhail Gurevich and Henri Coanda has given them sole possession of jet aircraft technology and, indeed, the only airplanes on the planet. The Smugglers’ Guide to Interdimensional Trade. Caliph is perhaps the strangest of the Alternate Earths settings.


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The “current year” is ; the pre-eminent Norse powers are Danemark DenmarkSvearika SwedenGardarika a Varangian -founded territory stretching across northern Eurasiaand Vinland in North America. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat Central Europe experienced a series of republican revolutions in the s; the Republican Alliance that emerged is pinned between the Habsburg Dominions across northern Eurasia and the Bourbon Dominions of western Europe.

The “current year” in Cornwallis isand the world is carved into colonial slices by Russia which holds KoreaJapan and Alaska and the Five Thrones.


Combined with the effects of the invasions of Europe by the Bulgars and MagyarsChristian Europe had no hope of survival. A plethora of new character types, from the Confederate Cavalier to the Cyber-Samurai. After this victory, James’ Catholic sympathies were displayed openly as he ignored Parliament and allied with France. Privacy Policy Contact Us. A military-industrial cabal based in Terraustralis Australiathe Centrum, imposed draconian social controls in order to survive this Last War, and eventually ventured out with the aim of reconquering the globe and incorporating all humanity into a single, rational culture and social order.

Indonesiathe Malay Peninsulasouthern Indiavarious Arabian portsand the eastern coast of Africa from Mogadishu to Mozambique. The plague also forces the imperial household to remain in the southern port city of Nanjing instead of moving to Beijing ; accordingly, Zheng He’s fleets were sustained, reached every corner of the Indian Ocean and rounded the Cape of Good Hope.

This section is empty. Along with the reality of extraterrestrial lifethe Stellar Caliphs also recently developed mainframe artificial intelligence agents called djinnaltrrnate are accepted as equals in Muslim society.