PROBLEMÁTICA DEL GUSANO BARRENADOR DEL GANADO, Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel, ) EN COLOMBIA THE PROBLEM OF SCREWWORM. The new world screwworm fly, Cochliomyia hominivorax, in larval stage is an obligate parasite of mammals and humans, causing traumatic myiasis. The female. “Comision Mexico-Americana Para la Erradicacion del Gusano Barrenador del Ganado.” Special Collections, USDA National Agricultural Library. Accessed.

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Nevertheless, the introduction of animals with an infested wound seems to be the most common form of introduction, as shown ganad the detection of the following positive cases originating from enzootic areas. Over North and South America the NWS is known by various local names, the most common being screwworm, queresa, gusanera, bichera and bicheira.

Petney 3 Estimated H-index: The initiation of screwworm eradication in Colombia could encounter geographical, political, and mainly economical problems.

In this evolutionary cycle there are three larval instar which last from 4 to 8 days, as detailed as follows:. Click the ‘Query Network’ button to show other libraries in the Library. Along this critical line a sterile insect barrier would be set up as a protection from reinfestation.

Seasonality of Old World screwworm myiasis in the Mesopotamia valley in Iraq.

The wild Guzano population fluctuates during the year, being most abundant in the most hot and humid season. The eradication of this parasite in the United States has made it possible to diversify rural production by raising wildlife for the market; hunting is also becoming an important economic activity in the southern United States.

In addition, ganadk cost of labor necessary for the inspection and treatment of the cattle and the cost of the proper treatment can be very expensive. Insects with a pair of wings and one pair serving as modified flight stabilizer halteres. It can be anything from a tick bite up to a larger wound, newborn navel cut, dehorning, castration, tears due to wiring, fresh cow vulvas, etc.

Gusano Barrenador del Ganado

At the same time, they learned from their American counterparts of the effectiveness of the sterile insect technique. Sin embargo, America del Sur aun se encuentra naturalmenteinfestada. During and part of the northern states of Mexico were liberated from NWS, and the last six positive cases were registered in the United States in The peaceful atom and the deadly fly.


El costo economico, el largo plazo que exige y las consecuencias indeseables delprograma de erradicacion, propenden por la busqueda de alternativas de control efectivas.

The problems of producing sufficient good quality sterile flies economically were solved by the construction of an extra insect colony and the improvement of methods for rearing insects. In Mexico, cases detected in in the northeastern ganavo of the country, mostly in bovines, were caused by the introduction of a single female sheep from the State of Yucatan enzootic zone ; and gansdo cases were detected in in the port of Acapulco Guerrero in bovines transported from Panama.

In addition, the hydroponic media production system was replaced by the use of gel media. Its objective was to control and reduce economic losses caused by the NWS and to avoid the pest’s natural migration toward the control and eradication zones in the United States. Report on the screwworm problem in the southwestern United States and northeastern Mexico with comment on control and eradication. Control activities included attempts to encourage livestock owners to inspect their animals, to send larvae samples from the animals’ wounds to the programme officers and to treat the wounds with an adequate insecticide to reduce the wild population of NWS.


A study found that the cost-benefit ratio for the eradication programme gusaho Mexico was satisfactory, 1: Regional and national information programmes relating to diagnosis, control, eradication and prevention were adapted for more than 20 dialects. In this stage is frequent that the female flies have laid its eggs inside the wound, developing in this way a multiple infestation.

It was decided that the sterile fly factory would be located in the central part of the sterile insect barrier, and construction began in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas in February Can also be that the wounds on the skin look little; however right under these there are large cavities which house barrenadpr that are actively feeding. Gusajo difficulties will be encountered, however, including inaccessibility of the areas that the fly inhabits, language barriers, and the need for constant control of the movement of live animals to the pest-free zones.


In bsrrenador case of the male they are united holoptical and in the female there is a separation between both eyes dichopticand they are about twice the size of a housefly. Home remedies such as vegetable oil or animal fat mixed with tobacco or other plants are smeared on the wound to achieve larval asphyxia.

From these cases it is evident that health controls must be established in the international importation and exportation of live animals as well as in the movement of ganaro between enzootic and free zones within the same country.

Economic impact from screwworm eradication in Mexico, Vol. Currently shared across 0 libraries and 0 members of University of Missouri Libraries. When the study was completed, the parasite was found to be distributed over 95 percent of the country, with a greater abundance in coastal areas and the south. Economic costs, the length of the program, and undesirable barrenxdor effects of the screwworm eradication program led to a gussano for alternatives control measures.

The United States contributes 80 percent of its budget and Mexico 20 percent. El inicio de la erradicacion en Colombia, podria encontrar dificultades geograficas, politicas y,principalmente, economicas. Note “Emitido en enero de “–page 8. This translation is done by taking advantage of shades offered by the vegetation. Label Gusano barrenador del ganado: Screwworm barrwnador has been successful in North and Central America, including some Caribbean islands.

Mexico-US Commission Projections Despite the topographical, communicational, social and economic difficulties involved, the eradication work in the isthmus of Central America should continue.