Hexagrama Error loading comments. Retry. views. 2 faves. 1 comment. Taken on March 27, All rights reserved · Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Consider your words carefully and use them to bring people together. Don’t go on alone. Beware of hesitation, lack of imagination, failure to use creative input. El hexagrama 27 es llamado 頤 (I), “Las Comisuras de la Boca”.

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Ten years-revolved, no availing-of. Live by your principals. A person who knows only loss will conform to loss. Contemplate these things deeply, for the answer to your questions lies there. These goings and comings release energy bound in the past. Jung — The Development of Personality A.

This is eccentric and dangerous behavior. Both nuclear trigrams emerge as the Receptive Earth, suggesting a time to reflect upon habitual behavior.

James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 27

One neglects the constancy and stability which can benefit life and seeks nourishment from the wrong source. The master watched as another bee crawled into the pond. Threshing the jaw; determination is inauspicious; for ten years do not use it; there is no place beneficial.


They towered up like mountain peaks above the mass that still clung to its collective fears, its beliefs, laws, and systems, and boldly chose their own way. Tao and the Masters. Threshing the warp; determination about dwelling is auspicious; one may not ford the great river.

27: Nourishment

Accepting the shock of inner enlightenment now reveals the patterns that mark real endings and beginnings. The second line, magnetic, shows uexagrama looking downwards for nourishment, which is contrary to what is proper; or seeking it from the height above, advance towards which will lead to evil. Meditate to obtain intuitive guidance.

Barborka — The Pearl of the Orient A. Say upside-down jaw; threshing the warp at the northern jaw; to be upright is inauspicious.

Viewing my pendant jaws. Perhaps dissatisfaction or defeat is merely a way for you to understand the hunger pain for change. If you simply step into the troubled waters in front of you now, you will be swept away.

I Ching Hexagram #27:

Be willing to give. It is beneficial to cross great rivers. However, she shouldn’t engage in the most difficult undertakings. The first line, dynamic, seems to yexagrama thus addressed: It can also suggest that you reap what you sow. There is thunder beneath the mountain. For ten years let her not take any action, for it will not be advantageous in any way.


I Ching – Hexagrama 27 | Hexagrama 27 | Antonio Carlos Castejón | Flickr

Find the root of your true desire and fulfill that. Nurture Hu Gua hidden influence 2: A continuing awareness of the responsibility that comes with power is often the best means of preventing its dissipation, for responsible attitudes lead to good hezagrama, steadfast leadership and smart decisions.

View the jaw; oneself seeking the mouth’s fullness. Advantageous to step into the Great Stream. Do not act thus for ten years.