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Deep Into the Night 9: Time and Space 7: Time Control, or Controlled by Time 8: Note From the Past If it borrows her word, the music character is pursued. Or, the possibility to the music created by a minimum unit.

Hiromi Uehara Time Out

They had the flow always calculated as a search for her music. She tries so that may promote the flow further and may complete her original theme by her. The possibility as the music that she thought about in “Spiral” and Trio might have received one the top.

The part where “Movement” and “Quietness” in “Spiral” were had both. And, the woman who drew out the possibility as Trio enough tries to proceed to the next step. If the inquiring mind of Hiromi is considered of course, the flow that aims at the top further might have been able to be selected, too.

However, the plan and the idea that she was always considering in the flow of the activity since “Spiral” that she announced in and the cultivated idea reach this album with some necessity.

The creation and the idea of the woman who reached a climax in “Spiral” started making the listener pleased to give width to the music character further with the form of the project. This album to which David Fiuczynski that participates in the recording in the debut album receives the guitar as a member and is recorded has the form of the project and the band. David Fiuczynski is a guitar player known by the performances such as Screaming Headless Torsos and Gongzilla. Hiromi was declared to be a fan of Screaming Headless Torsos.

And, it will be able to be said that the appointment of David Fiuczynski is inevitable as the idea as the band that she was drawing after it competes in the debut album. To create the tune staring at the performance that four people do for the composition naturally, each musician’s capability and ability will be tested.

It is said that Hiromi will not do Improvisation to the subject for originally making the tune. It is said that the idea constructed as an impression almost completely will repeat the trial and error. The challenge as the complete music character that Hiromi creates might continue exactly. The theme of “Spiral” was a content to make the element of the wave exactly repeated, the life, and the impression in space an embodiment. And, “Time” is included as a theme in this album.

People are differences at thinking time and time. Or, it is expressed as an album with the part where the element to make life and the change of people who unconsciously process time an embodiment as music has been given.

Ensemble of the band has the flow considerably calculated. The sound of the keyboard also continues her originality. And, the conversation of responding keyboard and guitar will have width as a new possibility as the band.

However, the originality of Hiromi appears everywhere. The performance of the band that answers Ad-Rib of the guitar also contributes well. It carries exactly out the function as the band by introducing the guitar. A progressive element is strongly put out as complex development twining.


The progress of Chord twines round the impression that Jazz is good the flow of Fusion well and gives the tension. The tune might be completely calculated as a composition as the band. The piano and the guitar in close relation to legato fast continue the dash feeling. The flow of the chromatic scale has acted well as an impression of the tune, too. The part as Jazz has been strongly considerably put out. The music character of Hiromi that bases the experience as Trio might act well.

The width of the tune extends further with the flow pulled with the part of Fusion that the guitar is good. Twining of the guitar processed by the effect and the piano of “Real Clock vs. It is a tune where the originality of Hiromi was expressed enough while having both the part of the complexity and the humour.

The creation of Hiromi by which this tune also stared at the sound as the band has acted well. However, the band is given original development everywhere and progresses. It is a tune where the element as the band with a variegated sound was expressed well.

The flow that shifts from the flow of an overwhelming unison to Solo of Bass has succeeded as a tune, too. And, it might be a part where Solo of the drum also played the role as the band enough. The flow of an advanced tune exactly contains the possibility of the band enough with development to which the forecast doesn’t adhere.

Скачать Hiromi Uehara – Time Out – смотреть онлайн

It is a tune where the sound of the keyboard that “Time Flies” is variegated appears. The processing of the sound of a beautiful piano and the keyboard might be along the theme of the album. A good guitar for the flow with the anacatesthesia twines with the piano. The flow that the sound of the band twines round ti,e flow with the anacatesthesia in union will call impression. The flow that plays the role of Outro gives reverberations to the entire flow of the album.

The challenge to the music of Hiromi was made an embodiment further by the form of this project.

Very important is presence of guitarist David Fiuczynski on this album. Classically trained, with her roots in jazz, Hiromi found excellent partner for her piano sound. Very balanced mix of keyboards or sometimes piano and rock-edged guitar gave fresh and very our feel to the music on this album. In fact, deeply based on great fusion school of s Chick Corea, first of allthis music is just modern reincarnation of fusion golden age.

It’s a very rare today successful mix of tradition and modern sound. As I mentioned above, the music there is a modern classic of jazz fusion, so don’t expect to find there experimentation.

But it is real gem for lovers of classic fusion, and possibly one of the greatest work of quality mainstream fusion of last decade. When I first saw a photograph of the undoubtedly beautiful keyboardist, I honestly thought she played pop music. That was my idiotic mistake. I judged by looks before ever hearing a single note of her music. Somewhere along ueharx way especially in US culture it became a general consensus that attractive people don’t make ‘serious’ art, while average-looking folks are the true hard workers.

It’s a very ugly attitude to hold, and I found myself guilty of outwardly displaying it in this case as I visibly did a double-take after seeing this woman in action for the first time. She’s incredibly skilled, and what’s more, she writes great music. My previous paragraph was not intended as a slight to the Pop genre at all, but hirommi the ‘popular’ music of the time.


We currently live in an era that ostracizes quality from quantity in a way I’m not sure has ever been more severe.

Much more time is spent in selling faces and merchandise than the music itself. Pop music as a genre has its strengths and its weaknesses, and the best of it will always survive.

But the concept of good-looks and bad music being mutually exclusive is something I often fall victim to, so i wanted to take the time to apologize to Ms. Uehara for my initial and wrong reaction to her image.

Back to the music. This is Hiromi’s fourth studio album, and it’s being played as an ensemble titled ”Hiromi’s Sonicbloom”. The album starts off with the absolutely phenomenal ”Time Difference”. It’s a track that begins with some classically-tinged lone piano, and soon David Fuze’s guitar comes in and joins the piano. These two instruments carry on in unison until the rest of the band breaks in, and the song uehzra takes off.

The marriage of technical prowess and musical passion is so perfect, mere words couldn’t begin to do ueehara justice. Just listen to the song yourself The live version is even better! Hiromi makes some great use of synthesized keys, here. Gives the whole thing a very otherworldly feel.

Uehaa you really need to know is that it was with this track that I started really feeling the groove of the band for the first time. Much Jazzier and experimental than the previous work, it will send motions through your body whether or intended to dance or not. Where as synths were in more of a starring role in the first song, the focus here is mainly on the clean, no-hold-barred Jazz piano.

Without her crazy rhythms and technical skill, the song would certainly have not been the same.

Hiromi Time Out

Martin Valihora really starts to shine on this track, also. The next uehaar, ”Time Travel”, has some truly awesome spacey soundscapes thanks to Uehara and Fuze’s blend of bluesy guitar leads and ethereal keyboards.

Soon enough, though, Valihora chimes in with some killer drum work, and the song really begins to hiiromi off. Some really fantastic guitar-piano unisons happen, here.

The drums really do a fantastic job of keeping all the madness tight and together, while taking the time to impress as well. A crazy ueharaa by Fuze comes in close to three minutes in and doesn’t relent until nearly a whole minute later. Then the real wondrous moments happen thanks to Uehara and her distorted, funky keyboards; chugging away with so many odd rhythms and push-pull tempos, it’s commendable how well the other instruments are able to keep up.

Six ueara into the track, and the spine-tingling rhythmic riddles are still going strong. A truly wild and frantic track, all while still being able to make some sort of sense and never losing the listener.

A few more unisons from Hiromi and David, then everything calms down once again timw around seven minutes and sixteen seconds. The musical ideas introduced in the brief intro is resumed, carrying out the rest of the track. An amazing thing to hear. Some of it fast, some of it slow and reserved, but all of it is very melodic and musical in nature.