Each day has 24 Kala Horas, each hour constituting a Hora. Therefore, from the Sunrise, first one hour is being represented by the first Hora. tags: horary, cotton market, horary numerology as applied to cotton market, numerology book, hora science, rasajo, download numerology. Horary Numerology of the Turf -Study Guide. “Horay Numerology applied as Cotton Market” kisine pada hai kya? kya hai isme? Is kitaab ke.

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Generally, the hours of Saturn and Mars should be approached carefully. For example, let us take 9: Saturn – organizing, business, house cleaning, paying bills, taking care of responsibilities. Posted by Editor at This calculation will continue till the next sunrise time of the day.

Rasajo: Introduction Of Rasajo

Each hour carries the energy of one of the planets. In betting the next number of your electricity bill? Consecutive Kalhoras were ruled by the lord of the respective 6th day.

The Fibonacci sequence is possibly the most simple recurrence relation occurring in nature. After Moon, we go back to Saturn and repeat the 7 planets.


The time elapsed since sunrise is Moon Hora is Less effective on Sunday and Saturday. This method is known as conditional probability and all the forecasting of winning events in the said pyramidon system is totally based on.

Not only this, you can use the conditional probability methods like Linear regression method, Monte Carlo simulations and many of correlation method in forecasting the winning lottery numbers. After that, we list planets in the order mentioned above. Let us take an example of results of local single digit lottery daily draws as 3, 4, 1, 6, 2, 5, 5, 1, 0, 2, 5, 2, 5, 9, 8,…….


Therefore, from the Sunrise, first one hour is being represented by the first Hora, which is always the Lord of the day. These three parameters are essential to fix the horas of the day.

It’s fun, exciting and easy to play. Venus hora is beneficial aesthetic and uniting. The golden spiral is possibly the most simple mathematic pattern that occurs in nature like shells of snails, sea shells, horns, flowers, plants.

horary numerology as applied to cotton market ( edition) | Open Library

Jan 14th is Friday. In my many years of research work in this field, I found a particular application in simplifying the procedures to a great extent.

Each day is marker into hours, beginning at sunrise. Let us get started with the working of the pyramidon system and observe the astonishing trend lines or conditional formats that are generated in order to have maximum confidence levels of sa in selecting the winning numbers.

Sea, water, liquid related works, agriculture, gardening, travel, food related activities bring success. Mars hora is sharp, aggressive and volatile avoid horaryy activities during this period. Here is a general list of planets and the types of activities they appoied. Coronation, meeting with high officials, Health related works, Trade, spiritual matters, government works are suitable. Nevertheless, through experiment, it is possible to get a sense nymerology your own particular response pattern.

Depending upon the local Sun rise time, the Hora time needs to be adjusted. This is ruled by the 16th planet from Mercury. Construction, horar and mechanical engineering works, competition, sports, litigation, fire related activities are recommended. The figures of sales, inventory, population growth etc.

Moon hora is soft delicate and fluctuating. After subtracting multiples of 7 from 16, we get 2. All of the above said statistical analytical methods will evaluate only the degree magket probability that is to say the degree of chance of occurrence of event in population field. This pyramidon method is the only method in the application of forecasting the winning event, far advanced then any other systems of statistical analytical systems that are there existing to-day.

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Financial matters, travel, progeny, spiritual matters, and all important auspicious activity are recommended. A Hora Table has been prepared accordingly, presuming the Sun rise at 6’o clock.

Venus Hora is Less effective on Sunday. The known values are existing x-values and y-values, and the new value is predicted by horart linear regression. Sun Hora is detrimental on Saturday and Friday. This trend line or the conditional numerologgy generated in the pyramidon is the main feature having a trend of occurrence of the numbers and thus eliminating the dreaded factor of total randomness and uncertainty level in calculating probability factors. Well, there is a high level of chance of occurrence of the next digit of your electricity bill.

There is no relation, correlation or any type of mathematical formulas connected and totally chaotic and you cannot predict the next event in the lottery however expert you are in the statistical analytical mathematics or astrology, tarot readings, numerology or by any sort of fortune telling methods.

There is a total uncertainty in forecasting next number.