How to Drift: The Art of Oversteer is a comprehensive guide to both driving technique and car setup. The author explains various styles and methods of drifting. At this site you can find information about building cars that oversteer for drifting. How to Drift: The Art of Oversteer – Ebook written by Paul Morton. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for.

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The author details the buildup, right combination of parts and products, and modifications necessary to build an aggressive off-road rig. He also shows how to weld and gusset the frame in critical areas. Installing a three- and four-link suspension system is also profiled so the Cherokee delivers greater travel and better off-road handling. Suspension and frame modifications are necessary to run large wheels and tires. And these wheels and tires are essential for traction, performance, and ground clearance in extreme off-road situations.

Swapping in Dana 44, Dana 60, and Ford 9-inch axles delivers superior performance and durability, which is covered as well. In addition, how to modify the Jeep inline 6-cylinder engine for increased displacement and performance is revealed. All of the most popular and effective mods, parts, and upgrades for a dedicated off-road Cherokee are covered. Author and Ford tech expert Charles Morris explains each critical aspect of rebuilding a stock, and ci Y-block and building a modified Y-block.

He shows you how to identify components and conduct a thorough inspection so you select a sound block, heads, intake, and other components. He explains the specifics for obtaining high-quality machining work and verifying clearances. In addition, he delves into the intricacies of each step of the assembly process so you can rebuild a strong-running and reliable engine. Most important, Morris details the steps to effectively remedy the Y-block oiling problems.

This is the book Ford Y-block owners and fans have been waiting for.

Unfortunately, this wealth of options and opinions can be hard to understand and navigate. This book is the most complete, detailed, up-to-date resource on anything and everything to do with turbochargers. Whether you’re running gas or diesel, 4, 6, 8, or more cylinders, this book will teach you to design, test, install, and maintain your high-performance turbo system.

You’ll learn how turbochargers work, how to choose the right turbo or turbos for your engine by reading flow maps, and how to tune your engine to run perfectly with your turbo system.

Author Jay Miller uses more than photos and the perfect blend of technical and common-sense information to help you build boost fast and make more horsepower and torque.


How to Drift – The Art of Oversteer

He discusses the various components of a turbocharger and explains how to decode complicated turbocharger model numbers, compressor maps, and other specs. If you run into problems with your turbo system, there’s also a detailed chapter on failure analysis to help you figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Account Options Sign in. Drifting is the newest, most exciting motorsport we have seen in the United States since the invention of the limited slip differential – it may be the most exhilarating contest of man and machine ever devised! From the winding mountain passes and desolate industrial roads of Japan, this unique sport of sliding a car sideways through a series of corners has become a huge hit in America. Drifting, or dorifto as they call it in Japan, extracts the most exciting aspect auto racing, extreme oversteer, and makes it the focus of an intense and visually intoxicating new motor sport.

The Art of Oversteer is a comprehensive guide to both the driving technique and car setup required for drifting. How to Drift illustrates the finer elements of car control required in drifting with technical descriptions, detailed line art and intense photography.

Paul Morton has been a drifting enthusiast, as well as a photographer and writer on the subject, since some of the first drifting events were held on U. He was the co-editor of Drifting, the first magazine in the States dedicated solely to the drifting subculture, and the editor of Import Racer!

How to Drift : The Art of Oversteer by Paul Morton (2006, Paperback)

Paul remains a loyal drifting fan and continues to write, photograph and participate in his favorite motor sport as a freelance journalist. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders.

Its combination of massive power, light weight and impressive arrt economy set new precedents for performance engines–and continues to do so generation after generation. The latest version, the LS9, makes some hp from just 6.

For those who want to build or modify their LS engine, this book provides the most detailed and extensive instructions ever offered. Premier LS engine technician Joseph Potak addresses every question that might come up, covering topics including crankshafts and piston assemblies, cylinder heads, camshafts, valvetrain, block modifications, intake manifolds, fuel hoow, header selection, and setting up ring and bearing clearances for particular uses.

In short, this book is the ultimate resource for building the ultimate LSX engine. And On That Bombshell: Inside the Madness and Genius of Top Gear. I was Top Gear’s script editor for 13 years and all 22 series. I basically used to ho spelling and think of stupid gags about The Stig.


It didn’t feel like something you should get paid for. From the disastrous pilot show of to the sudden and unexpected ending inworking on Top Gear was quite a rollercoaster ride.

We crossed continents, we made space ships, we bobbed across the world’s busiest shipping lane in a pick-up truck. We also got chased by an angry mob, repeatedly sparked fury in newspapers, and almost killed one of our presenters.

How to Drift : The Art of Oversteer by Paul Morton (, Paperback) | eBay

I realised that I had quite a few stories to tell from behind the scenes on the show. I remembered whose daft idea it was to get a dog. I recalled the willfully stupid way in which we decorated our horrible office.

I had a sudden flashback to the time a Bolivian drug drict threatened to kill us. I decided I should write down some of these stories.

I hope you like them. And now, a quote from James May: But this is a ridiculous request. How can one “write a quote”? Surely, by definition, a quote must be extracted from a greater body of writing, for the purpose of illustrating or supporting a point in an unrelated work.

I cannot “write a quote” any more than I could “film an out-take”. The Jeep Cherokee is one of the most prolific and rugged sport utility vehicles in history. Throngs of off-roading enthusiasts have chosen the Cherokee for navigating over the toughest terrain, climbing rocks, and trail driving, but these unibody models have much room for improvement to become the best off-road vehicles. This venerable Ford engine, which powers classic Thunderbirds, Crown Victorias, Edsels, and other cars, is enjoying a performance renaissance.

Many aftermarket parts, including heads, can turn a sedate Y-block into a powerhouse. Turbochargers are incredibly appealing to performance enthusiasts because of their ability to add free horsepower – and lots of it – to almost any engine or vehicle. Today, it seems easier than ever for the average gearhead to harness the incredible power-building capability of turbochargers. Those who want to increase the performance of their existing turbo system, or those who want to add a turbo to an existing engine, have never had so many components, vendors, and information resources to choose from.