Posts about Insolventieverordening written by Geert van Calster. Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening en het notariaat; Journal: JBN: Juridische Berichten voor het Notariaat; Volume: 3; Pages (from-to): Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening in de Nederlandse rechtspraak; Journal: Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht; Volume | Issue number.

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The requesting person shall be provided with an answer by the competent authority within 3 working days. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Aangezien die bijlagen uitsluitend betrekking hebben op de wetgeving van de lidstaten, bestaan er voor de Raad gemotiveerde bijzondere redenen om zich het recht voor te behouden deze bijlagen te wijzigen, teneinde rekening te houden met eventuele wijzigingen van het nationale recht van de lidstaten.

No legalisation or other similar formality shall be required. Any restriction of creditors’ rights arising from a measure referred to in paragraph 1 which is proposed in secondary insolvency proceedings, such as a stay of payment or discharge of debt, shall have no effect in respect of assets of a debtor that are not covered by those proceedings, without the consent of all the creditors having an interest.

The debtor or any creditor may challenge before a verordenin the decision opening main insolvency proceedings on grounds of international jurisdiction.

The court seised of a request to open group coordination proceedings shall give notice as soon as possible of the request for the opening of group coordination proceedings and of the proposed coordinator to vefordening insolvency practitioners appointed in relation to the members of the group as indicated in the request referred to in point c of Article 61 3if it is satisfied that:.

Deze conflictregels moeten voor zowel de hoofdprocedure als de territoriale procedures gelden. Languages, formats and link to OJ.

The EC Regulation does not define insolvency, but it does define insolvency proceedings as being ‘collective insolvency proceedings which entail the partial insokventie total divestment of a debtor and the appointment of a liquidator’. Claims may be lodged in any official language of the institutions of the Union. This is then where the High Court comes to the most interesting part of the judgment, even if it was obiter at verirdening The court which opened the secondary insolvency insllventie shall stay the process of realisation of assets in whole or in part on receipt of a request from the insolvency practitioner in the main insolvency proceedings.

Artikel 4 Toepasselijk recht 1. Lid 1 vormt geen beletsel voor het instellen van vorderingen tot nietigheid, vernietiging of niet-tegenwerpbaarheid als bedoeld in artikel 4, lid 2, onder m.

In implementing the cooperation set out in paragraph 1, the courts, or any appointed person or body acting on their behalf, as verordeninf to in paragraph 1, may communicate directly with, or request information or assistance directly from, each other provided that such communication respects the procedural rights of the parties to the proceedings and the confidentiality of information. Before ordering the stay, the court shall hear the insolvency practitioner appointed in the proceedings for verordenin the stay is requested.


The question for the Lyngby court will be how the Danish insolvency regime applies to them. For members of a group of companies which are not participating in group insolventiee proceedings, this Regulation should also provide for an alternative mechanism to achieve a coordinated restructuring of the group. They may reflect an agreement between the parties to take, or to refrain from taking, certain verordenlng or actions. De curator die is aangewezen door een krachtens artikel 3, lid 2, bevoegde rechter kan in een andere lidstaat in en buiten rechte aanvoeren dat een roerend veeordening na de opening van de insolventieprocedure van het grondgebied vrrordening de lidstaat waar de procedure is geopend, is overgebracht naar het grondgebied van die andere lidstaat.

Where insolvency proceedings have been opened for several companies of the same group, there should be proper cooperation between the actors involved in those proceedings. Those insolcentie have universal scope and are aimed at encompassing all the debtor’s assets. In exercising its powers, the insolvency practitioner shall comply with the law of the Member State within the territory of which it intends to take action, in particular with regard to procedures for the realisation of assets.

The law applicable to the effects of insolvency proceedings on any pending lawsuit or pending arbitral proceedings concerning an asset or right which forms part of the debtor’s insolvency estate should be the law of the Member State where the lawsuit is pending or where the arbitration has its seat. Powers of the insolvency practitioner in proceedings concerning members of a group of companies.

This Regulation should not prevent the courts of a Member State in which secondary insolvency proceedings have been opened from sanctioning a debtor’s directors for violation of their duties, provided that those courts have jurisdiction to address such disputes under their national law. Mr Kemsley was unable to keep up repayment to Barclays of instalments under the extended loan, and failed to stick to a repayment schedule for debts with another company.

De lidstaten zijn niet gehouden een in lid 1 bedoelde beslissing te erkennen of ten uitvoer te leggen als die tot een beperking van de persoonlijke vrijheid of van het postgeheim leidt. In the case of a company, it should be possible to rebut this presumption where the company’s central administration vetordening located in a Member State other than that of its registered office, and where a comprehensive assessment of all the relevant factors establishes, in a manner that is ascertainable by third parties, that the company’s actual centre of management insolvsntie supervision and of the management of its interests is located in that other Member State.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The decision of the first court to open proceedings should be recognised in the other Member States without those Member States having the power to scrutinise that court’s decision.

De gevolgen van de insolventieprocedure voor een lopende rechtsvordering betreffende een goed of recht waarover de insolventei het beheer en de beschikking heeft verloren, worden ibsolventie beheerst door het recht van de lidstaat waar deze rechtsvordering aanhangig is. Any judgment opening insolvency proceedings handed down by a court of a Member State which has jurisdiction pursuant to Article 3 shall be recognised in all other Member States from the moment that it becomes effective in the State of the opening of proceedings.


However, verordeninh the law applicable to the insolvency so requires, that insolvency practitioner should obtain the necessary authorisation before making such a request. In order to facilitate the coordination of main, territorial and secondary insolvency proceedings opened in respect of the same debtor:. In order to protect such persons who, unaware that foreign proceedings have been opened, make a payment to the debtor instead of to the foreign insolvency practitioner, provision should be made for such a payment to have a debt-discharging effect.

Tenzij anders is bepaald, moet het recht van de lidstaat waar de procedure is geopend van toepassing zijn lex concursus. If secondary insolvency proceedings are opened in accordance with Articles 37 and 38, the insolvency practitioner in the main insolvency proceedings shall transfer any assets which it removed from the territory of that Member State after the insolventiw was given or, where those assets have already been realised, their proceeds, to the insolvency practitioner in the secondary insolvency proceedings.

In accordance with Articles 1 and 2 of Protocol No 22 on the position of Denmark annexed to the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Denmark is not taking part in the adoption of this Regulation and is not bound by it or subject to its application. In respect of the national procedures contained in Annex Insolventtie, this Regulation should apply without any further examination by the courts of another Inwolventie State as to whether the conditions set out in this Regulation are met.

The effects of insolvency proceedings on employment contracts and relationships shall be governed solely by the law of the Member State applicable to the contract of employment.

Paragraph 2 shall not preclude Member States from including documents or additional information in their national insolvency registers, such as directors’ disqualifications related to insolvency. Where the centre of the debtor’s main interests is situated within the territory of a Member State, the courts of another Member State shall have jurisdiction to open insolvency proceedings against that debtor only if it possesses an establishment within the territory of that other Member State.

De Europese insolventieverordening – Wautelet Patrick

The effects of the proceedings referred to in Article 3 2 may not be challenged in other Member States. Please Ask the Libraryor send a letter to: For the purposes of giving an undertaking to local insopventie, the assets and rights located in the Member State where the debtor has an establishment should form a sub-category of the insolvency estate, and, when distributing them or the proceeds resulting from verirdening realisation, the insolvency practitioner in the main insolvency proceedings should respect the priority rights that creditors would have had if secondary insolvency proceedings had been opened in that Member State.

If inolventie believe that digital publication of certain material infringes any of your rights or privacy interests, please let the Library know, stating your reasons.