Issa G. Shivji is one of Africa’s leading experts on law and development issues. Shivji has served as advocate of the high court and the Court of Appeal of. Issa Shivji is one of the great public intellectuals of postcolonial Africa. He was a law student () at the University of Dar es Salaam. A Theoretical Framework by Issa G. Shivji (). The Concept of Human Rights in Africa (Codesria Book Series) by Issa G. Shivji ().

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Pan-Africanism and Political Economy. This newspaper write up discusses the implications for Tanzania of repealing the Rent Restriction laws and deregulating the housing market as part of the neo-liberal package driven by local political and business elites. Published in the book of essays by the author called ‘Let the People Speak.

New Agenda -Issue 68 more. Prof Shivji traces the wretched path of expropriation that has shaped social and economic relations over this period and up to the present with a grim warning of how this mode of exchange threatens the very source of life on earth: Political Economy and Marxism.

Sujuda kwako Mwalimu more. A baobab has fallen more. Social Change and Political Economy. Scanned by CamScanner more. He passed on on 12 August It is being uploaded in his honour and commemoration. Kazi ya Uanahabari ni Kazi Takatifu more. This was a speech given on the occasion of presentation of awards to journalists. It touches on the importance of freedom of speech and expression and on the outdated offence of sedition which still exists in many third world countries.

Human Rights and Freedom Of Expression. If the NGOs are to play that role they have to fun- damentally re-examine their silences and their dis- courses; they must scrutinise the philosophical and political premises that underpin their activities; they must investigate the If the NGOs are to play that role they have to fun- damentally re-examine their silences and their dis- courses; they must scrutinise the philosophical and political premises that underpin their activities; they must investigate the credentials of their development partners and the motives of their financial benefac- tors; they must distance themselves from oppressive African states and compradorial ruling elites.

NGOs must refuse to legitimise, rationalise and provide a veneer of respectability and morality to global pillage by voracious transnationals under the guise of creat- ing a global village. The Roots of Agrarian Crisis in Tanzania more.


Develops the thesis that a small peasant under monopoly capitalism is exploited by capital cutting into the producer’s necessary consumption. It defines this as the defining characteristic of new forms of primitive accumulation. Baraka ya Barricki more. Tungo hili lilitungwa wakati baadhi ya WahWabunge walifanya ziara ya kutembelea Barrick Gold mnamo mwaka wasasa inaitwa Acacia. Political Economy and Pillage of africa. Political Economy and Tanzania. Sekta Ya Madini Imewanufaisha Wavujajasho? Ya Issa Shivji Poem in tribute to a Tanzanianland activist written when he joined the anscestors nine years ago.

Land tenure and Political Economy and History. From nationalism to nephew-liberalism more. This is an Introduction to my book Let the People Speak Codesria, which is a collection of essays written over a period of 25 years from to Political EconomyPoliticsCapitalismand Neoliberalism.

Transformation of the State and the Working People in Tanzania more. Introduction to the edited book The State and the Working People in Tanzania CODESRIA, which has chapters showing the transformation of the Tanzanian state to authoritarianism establishing its ideological and organizational hegemony over the working people and predicting a re-awakening of mass politics.

Issa G. Shivji

Political ShicjiWorking Classesand Politics. Mtazamo wa Mwalimu Nyerere juu ya Dhana ya Maendeleo more. Barua kwa mpezi wangu more. Poem recited at the end of the symposium on 50 years of the Arusha Declaration.

Preconditions for a popular debate on democracy more. This paper was written just as the debate on transition from ehivji to multiparty in Tanzania was beginning. The paper argues for a long transition during which conditions for popular participation are established. Tunajifunza nini kutoka kwa uongozi wa Fidel Castro? Issa la Kumuenzi Fidel Castro 11 12 more. Kongamano liliandaliwa na Jumuiya ya Urafiki kati ya Tanzania na Cuba na lilifanyika katika HistoryRevolutionsand Cuban Revolution.

Ualimu wa Mwalimu Okt 13 final revised. SocialismJulius NyerereUjamaaand Panafricanism.

Similar authors to follow

Ualimu wa Mwalimu Okt 13 final. Lecture on the occasion of commemorating 17th year since the passing on of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. Twiga Karudi, machozi yanamtiririka more. Higher Education and Sustainable Development. These few lines were said extempore on the occasion of unveiling of Prof Sam Moyo’s tombstone in Harare on 3rd September Human Rights Law and Human Rights.

Shiji for a popular debate on democracy in Tanzania – Nov more. This was written just when the debate on transition from one-party to multi-party was opened up by Mwalimu Nyerere. Is Might a Right iss Human Rights more.


Interrogating the assault of imperialism on the right of peoples to slf-determination. Review of African Political Economy. Reflecting on Tanzania then and now more. Mwalimu’s Non-alignment and Pan-Africanism in relation to the tasks of the post-neo-liberal generation more. Economics and African political economy. Implication of the draft bill for the land act more. Mwalimu’s Non-alignment and Pan-Africanism in relation to the tasks of post-neo-liberal generation more.

From Neoliberalism to pan-Africanism: Towards Reconstructing an Eastern African Discourse more. Idsa first interdisciplinary course introduced in the Faculty of Law in the wake of the Arusha Declaration, and with syivji intention of breaking down Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa. Keynote address on Poor’s access to justice more.

Shivjii Mwalimu in Nyerere more. Sovereignty and statehood revised more. Discusses the architecture of the colonial land tenure system which survived for 75 odd years.

Its recommendations and the thinking behind it is analysed. Political shlvji, land tenure. Compares Thailand’s policy on self-sufficiency with that of Tanzania’s on self-reliance.

Political Economy and Political Philosophy. On 1st September Naijuka Kashiwaki, who was a militant student at the University of Dar es Salaam in late s and 70s passed on. His later life was a shivui tale of a dejected person who leaned on the bottle for support. On hearing of his death, I wrote this more as a auto-critique rather than an obituary.

Reflections: An interview with Issa G Shivji | Pambazuka News

A friend of yesteryears passed on. This is not an obituary but rather an auto-critique. Towards a New East African Community more. Pan Africanism and Regional Cooperation. An Intellectual Journey with my Teachers more. Essay in honour of Prof. Yash Ghai also paying tribute to my teachers from Primary trough secondary to tertiary education.

Constitutional Law and Education. The Zanzibar Question more. Tasks of a lawyer-intellectual more. Argues that a lawyer should go beyond the letter of law to reveal the social relations that underlie law. Education and Knowledge more. Eighth amendment fiasco at law more. Discusses two bills -the eighth constitutional amendment and the political parties act – proposed in to herald the multiparty system in Tanzania.

Constitutionalism and Transition to multiparty. Lawyers in Neo-Liberalism more. Lawyers and their Ethical values. Paradoxes of Constitution-making in Tanzania more.