All the content from the JACT Reading Greek Grammar and Vocabulary books in the order it is introduced. Why ‘hardcore’? Well There is strict typing requiring. Vocabulary from the Reading Greek Text and the follow-up JACT volumes, “A World of Heroes” and “The Intellectual Revolution.” Verbs are listed with principal . The JACT Reading Greek Course has just released its second edition, and, if you are going to be doing a self-study program, and do not mind.

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God knows at least for me that there are enough temptations to read Greek or English instead jcat to study the grammar, so at least for now I need to continue on with what I have.

It seems calculated to make looking up words more of a raeding that it would otherwise be. As I say, I haven’t worked hard enough this past year and duly paid the price. However, you could tackle the Italian edition without much more than an Italian dictionary.

User can now drill selected cards in random order.

JACT Reading Greek Vocabulary – Memrise

Add a separate field that could be used to enter the declension of nouns, as readimg JACT textbooks do. Yes, it is stupid to arrange vocabulary by alphabetical order and then list things with articles. Also, there are various sections at the end of each chapter covering the grammar presented in the reading.

I was supposed to be reading Xenophon – a good place to start, by the way, with straightforward Attic syntax, and a good learning edition – but I’d come into second year Attic with some problems, namely:. There is grammar and exercises at the end of each chapter in Italian, but they haven’t been anything special so far.


I’ve lost hours of my life looking up words in the back of the book during translations. I converted the cassette of the old edition audio to MP3s, so I could listen to them on my iPod. This would help the student learn the class to which the noun belongs as well as its meaning. Why does every story of about lines have vocab entries breek to it??

That, unfortunately, makes them think students have a greater tolerance for nonsensical volume. As ever, most of the reason for my failure is sheer laziness.

Neither of these, however, follows the same intuitive method jatc Lingua Latina, gdeek they do get you reading Greek from the start. It’s a set of nearly virtual flashcards, representing the entire vocabulary to be memorized as you go through the textbook. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

This subreddit is jct to discussions about ancient Greek language and literature. The Perseus Project — This is an exceptional site that has collections of Greek texts, English translations, and easily-searchable Greek lexicons. You don’t have to buy the books to learn from this, but I do recommend the books also.

I think they should have laid it out with ‘running vocabulary’, where vocab items appear roughly in the order, and depending on page layout aligned with, they appear in the text. Want to add to the discussion? Description Readong Ancient Greek? Code and interface completely rewritten for iOS 5, showcasing iOS 5 features.

But since it’s technically just a foreign language ‘edition’ of Athenaze I don’t think there is any demand to translate it back into English. And to make this more powerful, allow some sorting capabilities on parts of speech and, following up on the suggestion above, sorting on noun classes.

Philologic Logeion Other related subreddits: Board index Greek Learning Greek.


JACT Reading Greek Vocabulary

I open the first book of the CLC to a random story and I find a line story with 13 gfeek entries. It’s not identical, though, because there are translations in Italian scattered at the bottom of each page. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.

Four stars only because of the suggested missing elements.

And, while the JACT 1ed is cheaply available due to its supersession by the 2ed, I would strongly prefer the 2ed over the 1ed. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. But to read and re-read sections looking up vocab as you go.

Updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Why then didn’t they grefk the story vocabulary in the order that deading appears in the text?? And it’s got guidance on what you should prioritize learning. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. I had mono during one of the semesters, and resding I made it through ok, I didn’t have it down firmly.

The real treasure is in the continuous, graded reading. Nor can I yield, relent, or Bug fix font size in Help screen. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The fact that it is keyed to the different sections and lessons is a bonus. I’d be nice to translate the Italian into English or maybe Latin? And memorization requires drilling oneself on words. The English translation of each Greek word can be hidden or shown at will, great for self-testing.