Judith Walkowitz is a British historian whose publications have been translated into many European languages, plus Japanese. Judith Walkowitz is professor of history at Johns Hopkins University and the author of City of Dreadful Delight and Nights Out: Life in Cosmopolitan London. Judith Rosenberg Walkowitz was born on September 13, , in New York City, the daughter of lawyer parents. She attended P.S. 56 in the Bronx, then.

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British and Irish History.

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Judith Walkowitz | HuffPost

The Scattered Family Cati Coe. Uncivil Unions Adrian Daub. Gay Shame David M. From tabloid exposes of child prostitution to the grisly tales of Jack the Ripper, narratives of sexual danger pulsated through Victorian London. Expertly blending social history and cultural criticism, Judith Walkowitz shows how these narratives reveal the complex dramas of power, politics, and sexuality that were being played out in late nineteenth-century Britain, and how they influenced the language of politics, journalism, and fiction.

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Victorian London was a world where long-standing traditions of class and gender were challenged by a range of public spectacles, mass media scandals, new commercial spaces, and a proliferation of new sexual categories and identities.

In the midst of this changing culture, women of many classes challenged the traditional privileges of elite males and asserted their presence in the public domain.

An important catalyst in this conflict, argues Walkowitz, was W. Capitalizing on the uproar caused by the piece and the judih political climate of the time, women spoke of sexual danger, articulating walkowutz own grievances against men, inserting themselves into the public discussion of sex to an unprecedented extent, and gaining new entree to public spaces and journalistic practices.

The ultimate manifestation of class anxiety and gender antagonism came in with the tabloid tales of Jack the Ripper. In between, there were quotidien stories of sexual possibility and urban adventure, and Walkowitz examines them all, showing how jdith were not simply figures in the imaginary landscape of male spectators, but also central actors in the stories of metropolotin life that reverberated in courtrooms, learned journals, drawing rooms, street corners, and in the letters columns of the daily press.


Judith Walkowitz

A model of cultural history, this ambitious book will stimulate and enlighten readers across a broad range of interests. New Social Actors 3.

Transgressions of Gender and Genre 7. Jack the Ripper Epilogue: For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: Twitter Facebook Youtube Tumblr.