Formaldehyde-free, low toxicity, biodegradable biocide. Used as in-can preservative for a wide range of adhesives and silicone emulsions. Provides both . Product name: KATHON™ WT % BIOCIDE. Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use. Identified uses: Biocidal product. Kathon lxe biocide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kathon lxe biocide.

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Don’t have an account? The preparation methods of the polymer-encapsulated pigment of the coating composition of the present invention can be any methods, familiar to the technical persons in the art. MIT is allergenic and cytotoxicand this has led to some concern over its use. Kathon also has been used to control slime in the manufacture of paper products that contact food. The aqueous coating composition according to claim 1wherein the polymer of the polymer-encapsulated pigment is comprised of at least one copolymerized ethylenically unsaturated nonionic monomer.

When the hydrophilic substances in aqueous coating compositions are too much, then the property of the liquid stain repellency is poor. A paint containing no polymer-encapsulated pigment was prepared using the following procedure to form the aqueous coating composition Paint 2.

Table 22 lists the hydrophilic stain repellency of Paint 1 to Paint The MFFT is taken to be the minimum temperature where one observes a clear and crack-free film.

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The ingredients listed in Table 6 let down were added using a conventional lab mixer. Process for preparing polymer core shell type emulsions and polymers formed therefrom. The company primarily imports products to India from Taiwan and mainly receives the consignments at Madras Sea. The final particle size is dependent on a number of variables including the homogenization which is used at the end of the process.


MethylisothiazolinoneMITor MIsometimes erroneously called methylisothiazo lineis a powerful synthetic biocide and preservative within the group of isothiazolinoneswhich is used in numerous personal care products and a wide range of industrial applications. The ingredients listed in Table 9 let down were added using a conventional lab mixer. Retrieved from ” https: Non-occupational exposure to isothiazolinones by the general population also occurs, albeit at much lower concentrations.

Among them, wax emulsion is the most popular one. Phase-change materials from wax-based colloidal dispersions and their process of making. Chelating agents for the metals may optionally be used. Bollmann, U; Bester, K. Suitable examples include, but not limited to those as disclosed in U. Solar industry demands uniform GST rate of 5 pc.

The amount of paraffin wax emulsion is in the range of 0. Commission improves safety of cosmetics”. Other types of stabilizing agents, such as protective colloids, are optionally used. The increase is primarily caused by increasing consumer exposure to MI from cosmetic products; exposures to MI in household products, paints and in the occupational setting also need to be considered. The ingredients listed in Table 7 let down were added using a conventional lab mixer.

Preferred is titanium dioxide TiO 2. Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. Sensitization to this family of preservatives was observed as early as the late s. Higher level of paraffin wax emulsion may lead to a stronger repellency to hydrophilic stain. The aqueous coating composition with improved stain resistance in the present invention comprises a pigment composition, including 15 wt.


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Also useful as thickeners are fumed silica, attapulgite clay and kathoh types of clay, titanate chelating agents. A common indication of sensitivity to Kathon CG is allergic contact dermatitis. British Journal of Dermatology. The paraffin wax emulsion can be prepared by melting refined paraffin wax to a temperature above the melting point of the paraffin.

Existing user login here. The ingredients listed in Table 19 grind were mixed lxs a high speed Cowles disperser. Alternatively, the polymer-encapsulated pigment is prepared by treating the antimicrobial agent with a polymer precursor and then subsequent polymerization to prepare the hydrophilic polymer.

The ingredients listed in Table 16 grind were mixed using a high speed Cowles disperser.

The ingredients listed in Table 15 let down were added using a conventional lab mixer. Login with Social Media. The aqueous coating composition of the present invention comprises 0.

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The ingredients listed in Table 15 grind were mixed using a high speed Cowles disperser. Email address already registered. Currently, beading effect is achieved by adding additives to karhon surface tension of paint films.