Results of my 3 week RFL diet Rapid Fat Loss Handbook. Lyle prescribes higher volume and lower intensity for us ‘hard gainers’ and when. “I purchased Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss Handbook in hopes of losing a few “I put a world class BJJ (brown belt) athlete on a modified RFL diet about 3. But I’d already talked myself into a plan after reading Lyle McDonald’s manual, Rapid Fat Loss. I’d do it for science! And journalism. Plus for.

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Assuming a month training cycle, that’s still lbs a year which is plenty considering I don’t want to gain too much weight ever again. Always good to see people who are excited about training.

Lyle McDonalds RFL (Rapid Fat Loss)

I’d be completely lying if I said that wasn’t the majority of my motivation for wanting to be lean. I fully prepared for the rl days I did this diet. I know that I occasionally come across as being scattered, but, if anything, this is due to overthinking rather than the opposite.

My reply included a torrential downpour of strongly worded sentiments about how truly awful and stupid this rgl really was. Beating the test is just considered part of the sport. I also think this is realistically achievable.

That is generally where the greatest rewards lay. I answered some science questions that I felt you guys might benefit from: Its been proven time and time again to be a hugely successful diet for those that can make it through it, and Lyle McDonald is legit. Nonetheless, I made a massive amount of gains.

Yeah, girls and social experience. I dropped two full weight classes without losing strength. This community is better off as a result. Or just pay the fee and lylr, whatever gets you in i guess! Rf thing that I’d point out is that a lot of the generalizations and criticisms you’re making there are only applicable to PUA circles who advocate material-based game and “tactics”.


When do you move? I did this almost entirely via macro counting. Bench was too slick to arch. I’ve already learned and internalized all of the most important habits. They are ALL 10 sided. But first, an idea gnawed at me. Because I don’t have any meets or events scheduled in the near future, I decided that macro counting doesn’t make the most sense. I don’t need to be upset every single time that anything is less than perfect.

At the time, from consulting with bodybuilders, I would have believed that HGH had magical fat burning qualities. It didn’t help at all and it just decreased my mental well-being as I got a bit weaker month by month. I’ve had others whose accomplishments literally count them among the greatest powerlifters of all-time tell me that, without GH, they’d never have done any of it. They lack the experience base to make accurate judgments.

This is strictly for entertainment purposes. I was so pissed. Getting that lean is, ultimately, for me.

Nonetheless, I really do feel there is value here in providing evidence, albeit anecdotal, as to what an individual might expect from low level, introductory doses and compounds. Of course, this is also the best route to go to make money, but llyle can’t half ass anything if you go that route.

Dangerous dieting: the lessons I learned from 10 days of rapid fat loss. | Amy Dix

So I hypothetically experimented with testosterone. Both the learning and the progress, lol. Lyle will literally walk you through each and every step of setting up the diet to ensure that you get all the details correctly. At one end of the continuum we have full-on promiscuity, efl casual sex with as many different women as possible. I was riding high after the success and I was ready to go all-in on powerlifting.


I generally strongly recommend against extreme approaches, but sometimes they are appropriate or even necessary. Because, frankly, I’m getting the itch for a new obsession. Team JTS focuses on throwing, bodybuilding, strongman etc.

For a lot of reasons, i dont find that particularly interesting or compelling. If you want to try this diet you have to be very disciplined, but if you are disciplined and in a hurry, then this diet could do wonders for you.

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As far as going out seven nights a week, well, you know me. You have to condition this mindset into yourself via self-talk, reflection, etc. Back To Dieting Appendix 1: I get x2 free meals every week. I also don’t need to make X amount of progress in X amount of time to justify how much I’m eating or how many grams of creatine I’m putting in my orange juice.

Getting Down to 8% Body Fat with RFL

A user’s rf regarding a collection of important variables are measured and then used to produce changes in his programming. When I was looking at L. You can see some of the funny things I was posting here: But even more importantly for me, I want to develop a bad ass set of social skills.